For Selected TW & KT postcodes £28.00 per hour.

If you are looking for a highly focused and well planned intensive course then contact me. My intensive course is built on your ability and your requirements.

Intensive 50 hours is £1400 (not including test fee) 

Intensive 45  hours is £1260 (not including test fee) 

Intensive 40  hours is £1120 (not including test fee) 

Intensive 35 hours £980 (not including test fee)

All dates are subject to my availability. A £200 NON-Refundable deposit required. Rest of balance to be paid 2 weeks before the 1st lesson. 

These prices are a guideline only and are subject to change.

It’s best to contact me directly for current rates and any further discounts, maybe I’ve got a deal especially for you!

Fantastic instructor

Darren is a brilliant instructor,i have had few instructors before but his teaching is simple and easy to understand ,fabulous simple techniques that made things simple,he is reassuring and very encouraging

i would highly recommend him,Darren i just want to say a massive thank you for getting me through my test today this means the world to me.

Jack passed 1st time after only 10 hours.
Darren was a fantastic teacher who always did his best to help and always remained very calm and considerate during lessons and helped me build confidence in a very short space of time. I passed first time in a very short space of time due to hard work and Darren's excellent teaching

Mrs T passed after taking my 15 hour Intensive Course.

I recommend everyone that is or isn't experienced to come to Darren, he is amazing;friendly and made my experience very comfortable i passed after an 15 hours intensive course with him. taught me well and helped analyse issues/habits that i had, thanks every so much. Regards.

Mrs T

Lauren passed 1st time after choosing my 35 hour intensive course.

Amazing driving instructor. I would reccomend Darren to anyone and everyone who wants to pass their driving test!! I have been trying to take my test for four years now and after a week with Darren I had the confidence and the skills to pass my test with only 6 minors and even the tester said that was down to nerves!
Thank you so much Darren!!

James passed first time after my 25 hour intensive.

Narista passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour intensive course.


Laura passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour intensive course.

I have had a 20 hour intensive course with Darren and passed first time today! I highly recommend Darren as an instructor, he is friendly, honest, patient and a great teacher. As a nervous driver he has really helped me to boost my confidence behind the wheel. Thank you so much for all your help, see you soon for pass plus!
Laura Pepper 

Jean passed after my 15 hour intensive.

Passed today with just 4 minor faults.Thank you Darren for not giving up on me.Your teaching techniques are very good, your practical examples and stories made me remember everything that you are teaching, your crazy mantras and sense of humour always make me laugh, but most of all your patience really controlled my nerves.You have made possible what I thought was impossible.Thanks again and see you soon for my Pass Plus.

Superb instructor, highly recommended. Darren is hands down the best instructor I’ve had (I’ve had 3 others before). I’m a nervous driver, an overthinker and I doubt my abilities all of the time and pretty much thought that maybe I’m just not supposed to drive. Darren gave me lots of reassurance, he put up with all my moaning (which was a lot of the time to be fair haha!) and helped me learn from my mistakes. He easily identified the areas that needed improvements and today, I passed my test in Ashford with 3 driving faults!! Although I’m over the moon, I’m genuinely a bit sad that our lessons are over! I would highly recommend so go for it - you’ll be passed in no time :)
Ann Marie

Tony passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course

Kirsty passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour Intensive course.

Would recommend 100%- Darren was a brilliant teacher, I was nervous and had been putting off driving for years but glad that I went with him, he put me at ease everytime I was nervous or thought I couldn't do something. His learning technique worked so well for me and after 25 hours of lessons I passed 1st time!! The intensive course is definitely the best option as you get through so much more. It was great learning to drive whilst being able to have a laugh with your instructor which made it all less terrifying!​

Anna Took my 25 hour intensive course and passed 1st time with only 4 minor faults. 

"After countless lessons in a manual car and failing a number of tests, I decided to change to an automatic car. A friend of mine recommended Darren's drive automatic school. Darren is a great instructor. He had faith in me right from the beginning He always said I would pass when I absolutely had no confidence or faith in myself. I did a 25 hour intensive with Darren. he corrected all my faults and bad driving habits I had developed over the years. I passed my test first time with Darren and am over the moon. Thank you Darren, for being a fantastic instructor, a positive influence and for having faith in me. I highly recommend the intensive course with Darren"

Marc passed after my 35 hour intensive course.

2 Week Intensive Course - Passed First Time!

I booked a 2 week intensive driving course with Darren and fortunately passed my test a few weeks ago. My first attempt with Darren as my driving instructor! He remained really calm throughout all lessons, even when I made errors. In addition, when I made errors, he took the time to talk these through with me and ensure that I understood what had happened so I could avoid repeating them in the future. This made it far easier and more enjoyable to learn with him. Particularly as I had tried to learn under two driving instructors previously, whom had shouted and not been supportive of me trying to learn. I am going on to do pass plus lessons with Darren and would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.


Jo passed 1st time after my 25 hour intensive course.


                          ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER

Sim passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour Intensive Course

"I loved having Darren as an instructor, he was very good at explaining everything clearly and did it through driving rather than diagrams and pictures. He let me drive for the whole time each lesson which meant that each lesson was worth my while! Passed first time with only two minors and I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without Darren! Thanks again, would definitely recommend to anyone in the Ashford area".

Krishna passed after just 15 hours!


Abigail passed after taking my 40 intensive course.

"Passed 2nd time. I have just passed my test 2nd time round as not a very confident driver. But Darren made me feel comfortable and at ease. Was very nervous the 1st time but new what was to b expected the second time round and only two minors. Darren was great at fitting my lessons in as i do shift work and the prices are good as you can get deals. Would highly recommend. Really pleased thank you darren for the laughs couldnt have done it without you".


Svetlana passed 1st time after taking my 15 hour intensive course.


Marna passed with just 3 minor faults after taking my 15 hour intensive course.

"Darren was a great instructor. I did an intensive course and he was able to build my confidence up very quickly. He was very flexible with the course times and I felt that he was really focussed on helping me pass my test. Overall I would recommend Darren as a driving instructor, he is genuinely a nice and honest guy"

Jack pleased with his pass after taking my Intensive Course.


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Hayley passed 1st time after taking my 45 hour intensive course.

1st time pass, amazing teacher! I have just passed my test 1st time, I had no previous driving experience, was extremely nervous and am 6 months pregnant so was really unsure how I would do but Darren had me driving on a main road within 45 minutes of my first lesson. I had 45 hours over 2 weeks and he organised a mock test with another examiner which was included in the course price nearer to my actual test which was brilliant as it made me less nervous in my actual test . Darren was so patient and supportive even when I was asking stupid questions, he really is a lovely genuine funny guy and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Paulina passed 1st time pass with only 3 minor faults after choosing my 20 hours Intensive course.

I hadn't driven in a while and I am from Mexico, but needed to learn to drive in the UK, on the other side of the road, with new rules. Darren was great and helped me to understand how to drive in the UK. He was always patient and happy to correct mistakes until I felt confident. Plus great sense of humor !
Paulina (From

Pass first time. I passed my test first time with zero faults. Which I'm over the moon with. I was really nervous before I started my lessons with Darren after being involved in a very bad motor accident. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything clearly. I would definitely recommend.

Nader passed first time with 1 minor!

"Darren is a top Instructor

I came to Darren with minimal confidence in myself and ability. I had arranged for an intensive course over 9days. Darren was excellent at making me feel comfortable and focusing on improving my various weaknesses. I’m not sure how he did it, but he really hammered home best practice and my pass today came with only one minor fault. I can’t reccomend Darren highly enough. He is punctual and professional and I’m glad I ended up getting touch. My confidence right now is sky high thanks to him."

James passed 1st time after my 25 hour Intensive Course

​Darren is a reliable, clear , calm and patient driving instructor . He has a great personality and sense of humor, he is very easy to get along with. He made me feel at ease and gave me the knowledge and confidence to believe i could pass my test , which i did with flying colors! I would recommend anyone who is interested in lessons to choose Darren because he has the knowledge , experience and character to prepare you in the best way possible for your driving test!


I can’t recommend Darren enough! I found Darren after digging online to find a local automatic instructor for my partner to learn to drive with.

We choose a 30 hour course and payed using Darren’s interest free payment plan, after completing most of her lessons and mock test that Darren also arranged as part of the course with another instructor Darren said she was ready. In short my partner passed first time with Darren after just 2 weeks and 3 days and Darren refunded back a fair amount of the course because she didn’t use the lessons and Darren gave her the confidence to believe in herself!

I can’t thank Darren enough and honestly couldn’t recommend him enough!! If you want to get on the road fast and cost affectively then go with Darren you will not be disappointed!!

Thanks again Darren!

Mark passed with zero faults after my 15 hour intensive course.

1st attempt!! 100% Pass!! it doesn't get better than that!!!
Did the intensive driving course with Darren and got 100% pass with no fails..... He's an excellent instructor, had a great time learning road craft with him. He arranged his course to my busy work schedule, rearranging lessons at the last minute when I messed up my plans. Couldn't have been more helpful. Had a great fun time.... he knows his stuff.... the lessons flew by. He also put me through a mock test with another instructor just a bit sad its ended now.
highly recommend and 1st class instruction.

Anisa passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour Intensive course.

Thank you so much, Darren! Gave me the confidence that I needed! Had 3 instructors in the past but none of them was even nearly as good as Darren Austin! I would definitely recommend him to everyone and anyone who wants to drive automatic. I am usually a bunch of nerves when driving, never had a confidence in myself or thought I'd ever-ever pass. Darren believed in me, put me at ease, had fun while teaching, gave me the knowledge and skills I needed, boosted my confidence, he is very friendly and nice. I passed thanks to his techniques and his patience, can't describe how happy I am with the whole experience!​

Charlotte took my 15 hour Intensive course, her's her review

"I was having lessons with darren for around 2 and a half weeks, passed first time with no minors, makes you feel so welcome and doesn't make you feel preassured like other instructors, down to earth guy, if you want to pass with flying colours give darren a call!!"

Nervous driver passed 1st time
I came to Darren after getting no where with my previous instructor, my confidence and Knowledge were both low. Darren has a fun and relaxing method of teaching, everything started to click into place and the Constant positive feedback with gentle humorous corrective coaching helped me pass first time. I couldn’t recommend him enough and I’m so pleased I found him.

Niha passed 1st time yesterday with only 4 minor faults.
Thanks for the great Yell review and thanks for taking my 40 hour intensive course.

"First time pass!!!
Darren provided me with the skills and knowledge to pass my practical test first time with confidence. His sound knowledge of the test areas and what the driving examiners are looking for gave me the best chance of passing. He is very thorough and from experience he knows all the places where people can get caught out and helps you avoid making any costly errors. His strict but friendly approach prevented me from picking up any bad habits and made the experience enjoyable. If you want to pass and be an excellent driver I Highly recommend him!"
Niha xx

Amal passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour intensive course.

​I can recommend Darren without a second thought.

He always keep you comfortable and confident during lessons. Not only he points out your mistakes that can lead to a test failure, but also makes sure you correct them through repetitions.

The mock test was another eye opener for me, because it clearly revealed where I was weak and simply we just focused on them just before the test. So happy to say that I passed the test with only a single Minor!!!!That too first time! Thanks for Darren's constant reassurance.

Darren is an around nice guy with a very calming manner. Has taken me from no car experience to a first time pass in a block of 15 lessons. The later stages involving a mock test followed by ironing out areas of concern has proven to be very successful. Fully recommended an instructor with the perfect qualities and a well structured programme that led to passing my test.
Steve Henson 

Jade passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour intensive course.

Amazing instructor!! Darren is very professional but also fun to learn with. I passed first time with Darren and I thank him so much for his hard work and time he put in for me. Would 100% recommend! =D"

I had previous instructors before, and have always been a very anxious driver, but after having Darren teach me he not only made me feel at ease, but gave me confidence in myself, enough so that I not only passed theory first time, but passed my practical first time with 3 minors. He was extremely reliable and punctual, and was an Instructor I could depend on to go above and beyond to get me the pass I needed. Throughout the learning process Iv been pregnant, which has made me extremely hormonal, but Darren dealt with my mood swings and kept me focused on what I needed to do. I would recommend him to anyone. He can (clearly) work with a diverse range of people, (if he could deal with me lol!), and is probably the best instructor you could pick if your hoping to pass! I'm not only a full driver now but a confident one and that's thanks to him! 
P.s he has got a great sense of humour and a warm personality so I not only learnt but enjoyed it as well!

Nikky passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour intensive course

Best instructor
First of all I want thank you Darren for patience and morale boosting and for having faith in my driving.I passed my test today with just four minors, in my first attempt with him,(my previous attempts were unsuccessful with other driving school) Darren is the best instructor in town,if I can pass anybody can pass under his guidance 😊.Darren your techniques of driving what you have taught me I will remember rest of my are the best!👍Thank you once again for being my instructor. Cheers Nikky

With no previous driving experience Laura passed 1st time, with only 3 minor faults, at Ashford test centre after taking my 45 hour intensive course. An amazing achievement!

"With no driving experience I passed first time in only a week of lessons! Darren is a patient and excellent instructor. His teaching methods enable you to pick up manoeuvres quickly and drive safely. I would highly recommend Darren if you wish to learn drive".

Yoshiko passed 1st time with only 6 minor faults after my 20 hour intensive course!

I had passed my driving test in Japan 17 years ago but hardly ever drove after passing. I came to live in the UK 10 years ago but didn't swap my licence in time so had to take a UK test. I hoped to pass my theory test by Christmas and practical by spring. Darren said pass your theory test soon and you will get you licence before Christmas, I didn't believe him but he was right. I found Darren to be a very good instructor, he was patient, made sure I understood things. He was funny & chatty but was strict when he had to be. I would recommend Darren to anyone who wants to pass their driving test.


Laura passed 1st time after my 35 hour intensive.

Fantastic! Darren was a great help, easy going! Very supportive and always gave clear instructions and the reasons why, I passed first time with only 2 minors. 5 hours that were not needed we're refunded back straightaway.

Ms D passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course.
Ms D

Abby passed after taking my intensive course.

Passed first time today with only a few weeks worth of lessons, I would 100% recommend Darren to anyone wanting to pass their test!! Darren gave me the confidence and knowledge i needed and having had two instructors in the past he made learning enjoyable again!!! 5 * all round, thank you so much Darren!!! I'll be back for pass plus soon!!!


Alison Fetherston recommends Drive Automatic School.
I cannot recommend Darren highly enough. My first lesson was on 24th April and I passed my test on 24th May. I was an extremely nervous pupil after a few bad experiences with other instructors. Darren is part driving instructor/part life coach/part anxiety guru. He has a way of making you feel at ease with driving and teaches in a very visual way. He ended most lessons by drawing pictures of things we had covered and often took out a toy car to demonstrate! The course was very intensive and quite emotional at times - there were a few tears and lots of laughs. Ultimately Darren is a committed teacher and wants the very best for his pupils, hence his excellent pass rate.
Thanks again for everything Darren 🙂

Michael passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

"1st time Pass
I've just passed my driving test first time with Darren, after only two weeks. We fitted the 25 hours in to a two week period and this was incredibly helpful. The way he was able to respond to my needs and focus on specific elements was great for building my confidence. I hated driving before working with Darren and really was not looking forward to the course.

The way he was able to help me build my understanding of putting the theory of driving in to practice was incredibly helpful, I felt at ease from our first session and I'd thoroughly recommend him to others.

Thank you so much. This will be life changing for my family. I really hated driving before last week too. This has made the world of difference."