Allan passed 1st time at Ashford test centre. after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

Passed 1st time with only 3 minor faults

I got in touch with Darren after having gone through a stream of other driving schools and instructors coupled with my usual half-hearted attempt to learn to drive. This might have been the typical one hour lesson each week on a saturday morning or my own lack of self-confidence. I took the 25 hour intensive course with Darren which I now regret not having done earlier. At 48, I was getting to the stage where I was just going to resign myself to simply 'not knowing how to drive'. Not sure how he does it but he has this ability to keep his cool even when you manage to make a complete hash of a manoeuvre. I thoroughly recommend Darren's intensive courses to any person who wishes to drive. Darren is a calm, patient and thoughtful instructor and would put any nervous student at ease. Word of advice, forget all that you have been instructed upon before. Start your course with Darren with a fresh open mind and you will soon have that certificate in your hand!

Ms D passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course.
Ms D

Ilona passed 1st time after  my 20 hour intensive course.

Passed my test from the first attempt today. I had 2 instructors before Darren but none of them were helpful in me progressing with my driving. He is very calm and very patient instructor. If you are nervous beginner he is your best choice. Great teaching technique mixed with great sense of humour. His makes driving lessons fun

Sunita Passed 1st time after my 45 hour intensive course.

Katie passed after my 15 hour intensive course.

Charlotte passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour Intensive Course Charlotte

Yoshiko passed 1st time with only 6 minor faults after my 20 hour intensive course!

I had passed my driving test in Japan 17 years ago but hardly ever drove after passing. I came to live in the UK 10 years ago but didn't swap my licence in time so had to take a UK test. I hoped to pass my theory test by Christmas and practical by spring. Darren said pass your theory test soon and you will get you licence before Christmas, I didn't believe him but he was right. I found Darren to be a very good instructor, he was patient, made sure I understood things. He was funny & chatty but was strict when he had to be. I would recommend Darren to anyone who wants to pass their driving test.




 For Selected TW & KT postcodes usually £27.00 per hour.

This is an ideal opportunity if you've thought about an intensive course but are not sure if it would suit you. 2 hours for the unbeatable price of only £54.

Payment must be made in full 2 weeks before the first lesson is booked.

These prices are a guideline only and are subject to change.

It’s best to contact me directly for current rates and any further discounts, maybe I’ve got a deal especially for you!

Sam passed 1st time after just 33 hours!

"Superb Instructor.
Darren is a great instructor enabling me to pass first time. He taught everything in a simple to learn manner and with patience if I ever made mistakes. Strongly recommended".

Natalie Passed 1st Time After My 25 Hour Intensive Course.

Fantastic Instructor - 1st time Pass after 25 Hour intensive course
Before contacting Darren my experience of driving, from a previous instructor ,was extremely negative and my confidence in my ability was non-existent.

My fears were immediately put to rest during my first lesson with Darren however, who allowed me to take it at a pace that I was comfortable with until my confidence returned. He recommended that I do a 25 hour intensive course after a couple of lessons and he had every faith (and encouragement) that I would pass 1st time…. Which to my amazement, I did!

I couldn’t recommend Darren Austin highly enough, lovely bloke with a fresh approach to teaching.   


Jamie passed 1st time at Chertsey test centre with only 2 minor faults after taking my 20 hour intensive course.

Anna Took my 25 hour intensive course  and passed 1st time with only 4 minor faults. 

"After countless lessons in a manual car and failing a number of tests, I decided to change to an automatic car. A friend of mine recommended Darren's drive automatic school. Darren is a great instructor. He had faith in me right from the beginning He always said I would pass when I absolutely had no confidence or faith in myself. I did a 25 hour intensive with Darren. he corrected all my faults and bad driving habits I had developed over the years. I passed my test first time with Darren and am over the moon. Thank you Darren, for being a fantastic instructor, a positive influence and for having faith in me. I highly recommend the intensive course with Darren"

Fiona passed with only 6 minor faults after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

Automatic Intensive and Semi-Intensive & Block Booked Courses in selected KT & TW Areas.CALL OR TEXT 07766017915


PERFECT FIRST TIME PASS! With ZERO minor faults after taking my 25 hour intensive course. 

"Darren is an amazing driving instructor and I loved every minute of my lessons with him. After having 5 different instructors in the past and never feeling comfortable I can finally say with Darren I passed 1st with 0 minors today!! Thank you so much. Such an awesome guy! Would highly recommend!"

Vera passed 1st time at Ashford test centre after taking my 30 hour intensive course.

"Great instructor

I was so lucky to choose Darren Austin as my driving instructor it's the best decision after spending loads of money with other instructors. I would recommend Darren to everyone who is looking for an automatic driving instructor. He just helps you to understand things and explains very clearly what you need to do and why.

I liked the way he taught me to parallel park perfectly with 2 moves.

I advise everyone to go with Darren and they will be the ones writing a review like mine.

Darren Austin thank you very much for your patience and putting all your trust in me and giving me confidence.

From Vera a very satisfied customer."

Kirsty passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour Intensive course.

Would recommend 100%- Darren was a brilliant teacher, I was nervous and had been putting off driving for years but glad that I went with him, he put me at ease everytime I was nervous or thought I couldn't do something. His learning technique worked so well for me and after 25 hours of lessons I passed 1st time!! The intensive course is definitely the best option as you get through so much more. It was great learning to drive whilst being able to have a laugh with your instructor which made it all less terrifying!


Marna passed with just 3 minor faults after taking my 15 hour intensive course.

"Darren was a great instructor. I did an intensive course and he was able to build my confidence up very quickly. He was very flexible with the course times and I felt that he was really focussed on helping me pass my test. Overall I would recommend Darren as a driving instructor, he is genuinely a nice and honest guy"