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HERE are some links for all your driving needs


Before you can take your driving test you'll need to pass your Theory Test!

Drive Automatic School pupils have exclusive access to an entire bank of around 2500 questions, 70 case studies and 150 Hazard Perception clips free of charge! Further information and pupil login is here.

Other Alternatives,

To practice before your Theory Test click here

Theory Test Pro  and Theory Tests are two other great websites that helps you prepare for you theory test.

Once you've got enough practice you'll need to book your theory test.


The Hazard Perception is part of the Theory Test, you can practice it here.


Brush up on your Highway Code.


f you’ve just passed or if you want a little extra tuition (6 hours) Pass Plus offers a great way to improve your driving skills. You’ll learn how to drive at night, how to drive safely on the motorway as well as many other useful post test skills.

Click here for more information from the Pass Plus website.


Want to try and get your driving test sooner rather than later? try one of theses links (please note I'm not affiliated with or I do not endorsed the following companies).

Book Driving Test Cancellations.

Driving Test Cancellations  0333 772 0302 or 07799 886 380

Short Notice Tests  0208 220 7402 or 07931 397 397


Show Me Tell Me

DAS Show Me Tell Me.pdf

Spiral Roundabouts

DAS Spiral Roundabouts.pdf

Clockhouse Roundabout

DAS Clockhouse Roundabout.pdf