Semi intensive

For Selected TW & KT postcodes £28.00 per hour.

If you prefer a semi-intensive course over a longer period, contact me and we’ll discuss your requirements.

Semi-Intensive 50 hours is £1400 (not including test fee)

Semi-Intensive 45 hours is £1260 (not including test fee) 

Semi-Intensive 40  hours is £1120 (not including test fee) 

Semi-Intensive 35 hours is £980 (not including test fee) 

 All dates are subject to my availability.

All dates are subject to my availability. A £200 NON-Refundable deposit required. Rest of balance to be paid 2 weeks before the 1st lesson. 

These prices are a guideline only and are subject to change.

Andrew passed 1st time with zero after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

Lauren Took MY SEMI Intensive course

As an older and very nervous driver, Darren really put me at ease, was incredibly patient with me and explained everything in a calm way. He really gave me the confidence I needed to finally take my test at the ripe old age of 30. I passed first time and I'm sure my husband will too, who is also taking the intensive course with Darren. I highly recommend him.

Lauren passed 1st time, only 5 minor faults. she's now looking forward toPass Plus

Darren is a really good instructor who at first assess my skills and knowledge on driving very well. He teaches in a systematic way , he is very friendly and it helps as you feel comfortable learning . It is also an extra bonus with his hilarious jokes that actually makes driving interesting and fun. He was very supportive and patient with me and the one thing that made the difference of me passing the first time with Darren is the fact that he always projects  a positive attitude .he encourages me and is confident in my driving skills, if i make mistakes he made sure I learn from it by trying harder and I think that passing the driving test really makes a difference if you have a great instructor who believes in you. Thanks 


Ann Margarette.

Colleen passed 1st time after my 35 hour semi intensive course.

"You want to pass contact Darren.

Amazing instructor Darren gives you the confidence to do amazing he is a Jedi master you will succeed."

Great work from you Darren. Thank you so much for everything you have done you have succeeded where others have failed my son miserably. Top man" 👍
Stephen (Ross's Dad)

Fantastic instructor, highly recommend!
Darren is a great driving instructor, he is very calm and made me feel at ease from the start. I passed first time with 2 minors and this is because of how easy Darren made it to learn all the things i needed to pass. I had 2 previous instructors that didn't have any of the qualities Darren has to make you feel confident and relaxed when driving. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to pass there test first time. Thanks again Darren.

Automatic Intensive and Semi-Intensive & Block Booked Courses in selected KT & TW Areas.CALL OR TEXT 07766017915


Mimi passed first time after taking my 30 hour semi-intensive course.

Georgina passed 1st time pass after taking my 35 hour Semi-Intensive course.

"Thank you Darren! Brilliant driving instructor with organised, simple lessons, perfecting each technique more and more each day.

The notes and drawings after each lesson really help to reflect on what you have learnt to remember for next time. Fantastic level of service! I had aimed to pass before Christmas and after 4 weeks of lessons I have passed my driving practical test first time Yayy!! I would recommend Drive Automatic School with Darren to any future learners!"

Zoe passed 1st time pass at Ashford test centre with only 2 minor faults after taking my 30 hour semi-intensive course.


Mrs P passed 1st time with just 2 minors.
Mrs P

Alison Fetherston recommends Drive Automatic School.
I cannot recommend Darren highly enough. My first lesson was on 24th April and I passed my test on 24th May. I was an extremely nervous pupil after a few bad experiences with other instructors. Darren is part driving instructor/part life coach/part anxiety guru. He has a way of making you feel at ease with driving and teaches in a very visual way. He ended most lessons by drawing pictures of things we had covered and often took out a toy car to demonstrate! The course was very intensive and quite emotional at times - there were a few tears and lots of laughs. Ultimately Darren is a committed teacher and wants the very best for his pupils, hence his excellent pass rate.
Thanks again for everything Darren 🙂

Charlie passed 1st time after my 30 hour semi-intensive course.

"Thanks for everything"


Sorina  passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi intensive course.

"Best instructor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I passed my test first time after doing the lessons with Darren, he is the best instructor I could have wished for , he is very positive and patiend and explaines to you everything properly . I highly recomend him !!!! Thank you Darren!"

Mrs Patel passed 1st time after taking my semi-intensive course.

I appreciate all your hard work you have put behind my wife's success. I thank you for that .Once again thank you.
Mr Patel (Husband) 

First time pass. Darren is a very good instructor with an easy tactics for a learner.He taught me from scratch to first time passer. I would recommend Darren to all those who has a doubt about their ability. Total professional approach from start to end of my term.
Mrs Patel

Sally passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour semi-intensive.

Top man 😊
Well what can i say today i passed my practical driving test 1st time with only 2 minors !! and thats all thanks to darren so thankyou darren you made me at ease and believed in me and gave me my confidence back will.miss you top guy top instructer get booking people.

The Best
So… why did I choose Darren at Drive Automatic? I started lessons years ago in a manual car, with a large driving school and just found manual wasn’t for me and I wasn’t getting anywhere doing 1-2 hours a week with a large driving school as I felt I was one of too many pupils so I gave up. A few years later I decided to try lessons in an automatic car, again the odd lesson here and there wasn’t getting me far and I failed my test miserably (stopped half was through) and I thought I had been put off for life.

Until I started seeing reviews pop up on Facebook for Darren at Drive Automatic and wondered if I should give it another go. I contacted him and he told me I could only book a semi intense course with him (best thing I ever did).

Darren gave me a list of available dates and times, I picked the ones I wanted, paid & waited to start my lessons on the 23rd August 2018 (20 x 2-hour lessons)

We had to start from scratch and Darren was so patient start to finish. Every lesson was very relaxed and didn’t really feel a lesson! I liked knowing we had a date to work towards as Darren encouraged me to book my test more or less as soon as we started the lessons. Although I wasn’t sure I would be ready after 6/7 weeks Darren reassured me he had a very high pass rate and almost promised me I would PASS!! It was a totally different approach to what I had experienced before and this is what kept me going this time!!

So, 2 weeks leading up to my test the nerves kicked in (Darren told me he had never seen nerves like mine before, id suffered all my life and wondered how id ever get through a driving test). I explained to Darren I was worried about the test coming up so he arraigned a mock test for me with another driving instructor, I failed this due to nerves but it gave me an insight to what was expected of me on test day! Darren booked me another mock, I failed again but I was slightly calmer and I achieved a better result! Soooo Darren booked MOCK NUMBER 3! This time I was calm and I PASSED IT with only 3 minors!!!

I was now mentally ready to pass my REAL TEST!!! And I did 57 days after my fist lesson with Darren!!! In just 57 days id managed to order my provisional, pass my theory test and pass my practical test!!! With only 3 minors I had PASSED, finally after 14 LONG YEARS id PASSED all because id found DRIVE AUTOMATIC on Facebook!!!

So if you want to lean to drive, but your nervous, or your lacking confidence, Darren is the man for you!! And believe me (talking from lots of experience) SEMI INTENSE COURSES are the best way to learn to drive I just wish id found Darren 14 years ago!!!!
Thanks for putting up with me Darren!

Sana passed 1st time after taking my 40 hoursemi-intensive course.

"I’ve passed!
Darren is a super teacher, friendly and incisive and I am so grateful to him. I managed to complete the course and pass the test in 3 weeks! Amazing. I would strongly recommend Drive Automatic School."

Lauren passed at Tolworth Test centre after taking my semi intensive course.

Darren is the best!!
Passed after a 2 week crash course with Darren first time! Having let years pass without any lessons Darren really helped to build my confidence and I learnt to actually enjoy driving! He is by far the best driving instructor I have ever had and when I booked too many lessons which he felt I didn't need he refunded me the money I had paid upfront. I would and have already recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you for being patient and having a sense of humour to get me on the road!


Fami passed with just 3 minors

"Darren is an excellent instructor and very kind human being. He is very encouraging, builds up confidence and makes you lough loads which is great to bring down nerves. I had a fantastic time while learning driving with Darren, he made me feel at ease and was always looking forward for every lesson. Previously I had other two instructors, one of them absolutely inpatient, he would often yell at me which made me feel so miserable! The other one used to let me down by cancelling lessons for endless weeks! But at last I found Darren and it was like a god sent! He taught me how to drive both smoothly and safely, and never ever showed any signs of aggression whatsoever, he had the patience of a saint! I passed with just 3 minors, I am ever so happy to be able to drive on the road camly thanks to all the skills I have learnt from his lessons".

If you want to pass choose Darren!
Darren thank you for boosting my confidence and putting my nerves to ease and helping me sail through my test! Enjoyed every lesson unlike my previous instructor. Your calm approach helped in my progress to achieve only 4 minors in my test.
Thanks Darren you have been a great instructor and the best I have had :)

anouska passed 1st time with just 15 hours trainiing

Val passed 1st time after ny 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Thrilled To Bits!
I passed first time, thank to Darren, a very experienced and highly skilled instructor. Very penitent and nice, he makes lessons fun, so you do not feel terrified and anxious. I did not believe in myself but he re-assured me that I have all the skillset to drive, just needed to be more confident. We have covered everything we needed and practised regularly in order to make sure I gain my confidence, and it has paid off, I passed first time. Can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Darren!"

Michelle passed 1st time after my 50 hour semi-intensive. 

"Thank you.Thanks for being an awesome instructor, for all your patience and for making me believe I could do it 😀 Absolutely Awesome. Darren is an awesome instructor. I passed 1st time. So much patience, no harsh words, always constructive feedback. He made me believe in my own abilities. 

He made me laugh with his food analogies (all the funnier as I hate cooking😂). He made me feel totally at ease.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone. A lovely, kind human being.

First time pass!
Darren was a really great driving instructor - he was encouraging, positive, with expert knowledge of the area, making learning how to drive for the first time such an enjoyable experience!
His teaching style is relaxed and well organised, with a goal to turn you into a safe, competent and confident driver, and he corrects any mistakes in a gentle manner with a good sense of humour.
I passed first time today with only a handful of minors and I would *very* highly recommend him to anyone who is hoping to get their license as soon as possible! Thank you Darren!

Ankita passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"5 star. Superb techniques and excellent teaching method. Managed to pass first time with just 3 minors. Very helpful and very encouraging. I would recommend Darren for sure. A big thank you for all your support Darren". 

Mahe passed 1st time after my 35 hour semi-intensive course.

"Pass in fast time. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Darren. 
Darren is an excellent instructor He always encouraging and supportive. Constantly pushing me to become better and safe driver. 
His 🔴🔵⚪DOT⚪🔵🔴 technique worked marvellous on my driving and give me more confident that's why I pass my driving test in fast time. If you want to pass your driving test quick and fest time I would honestly recommend Darren !!!"

Thank you so much for your patience and all your great knowledge. I did this thanks to you. Thank you so much Darren. You are the best !!!😀


Rohit  passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour semi intensive course.


First time pass
Amazing instructor! Darren made me feel so confident and at ease in every lesson. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Thank you so much for everything!! 😁

Natasha passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Recommend Darren! He's brilliant.., funny, fab and helps you build your confidence!" 😁​

Carleen passed 1st time after taking my semi-intensive course.

Darren I'm so grateful to you. Thank you so much. I cant quite believe it. It's been a real pleasure to know you. Thanks again. 🤟😁🎉

Anum passed 1st time after taking my 30 hour course.

Passed First Time! Highly Recommended!

As a new driver, I had never been behind the wheel of a car before and I was very nervous about driving and taking the test. Darren, is such a lovely man and you really do feel like you are driving with a friend. With his guidance, I was able to pass first time in less than 3 weeks.

Darren also has an expert knowledge of the area and how the test works. If you are at all worried or nervous about driving or taking your test, please don't be as you will be in safe hands.

Thank you Darren for all your help!!

joanna passed 1st time!

I would like to say I was very impressed with your knowledge and enormous experience on every lesson we had, it gives me a lot confidence and shows how professional you are, it's not only on things you are praising a pupils but also you are very honest to tell and point out weak side of the person, well judgment and motivations I was offered by you are priceless, and must say it's hard to find someone trust worthy and committed as much as you were in the past few week. I'm very grateful for your help, I know without you I wouldn't success. Thank you.


Susan passed 1st time after my 45 hour semi-intensive course.

Thanks 🙂.​

Sade passed 1st time after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Thank you so much for your unflinching love and support and for being so professional in making me a UK driver!

I am so grateful that l have been under your instruction.

It's 😁😊 been an absolute pleasure meeting you."

Katy passed 1st time after taking my Semi Intensive course.

I passed my test 1st time today with Darren. I was extremely nervous when I first started my lessons but Darren coached me through the nerves and made me realise that passing my test was possible. He is a perfect instructor for nervous drivers. Without his friendly manner, constant encouragement and perfect driving tips I wouldn't have passed. Thanks for everything are highly recommended..

First time pass... with a first class instructor
I recommend Darren to everyone. 

Such a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic teaching methods. I found darren after previously having a not so good instructor so was apprehensive and very nervous. Darren soon turned that around and made me feel at ease. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Darren and I will be recommending him to friends and family without a doubt. I passed first time today and was very confident. Thanks darren. You are a star x ,Strongly recommend Darren to anyone who wants to learn to drive automatic quickly and safely! 
Such a relaxed atmosphere and teaching methods. 

I found darren after having a previous instructor that wasn't great so I was very nervous and apprehensive. However darren soon made me feel very comfortable and had me pass with confidence. I will be recommending him to family and friends for sure. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Darren and can happily say... I passed first time!!! Thanks darren!!

Ellie passed 1st time with zero faults.

"Amazing instructor ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Learning to drive with Darren has been amazing. I passed 1st time with no minors! He makes the lessons fun & really helped me believe in myself. He is very patient & provided helpful feedback which enabled me to gain confidence quickly & relax so I could enjoy every lesson. Thank you Darren 😀"

Madeline passed 1st time with only 2 minor faults after taking my 
40hrs Semi Intensive course.

I would recommend Darren’s automatic teaching. He is one of the best in Surrey. He is a first class teacher. I was very nervous but he was able to put me at ease and I got through my test successfully. He teaches one to one and explains the basics in a clear manner. He is very kind and patient and teaches in a friendly atmosphere. He makes you feel at ease when you feel nervous by making a joke. I would recommend you go to him before anyone else because you can trust him. Go to Darren before anyone else as you’ll have the best chance of passing.

Nieve passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour semi-intensive course.

"Fantastic Instructor!
Darren is an excellent instructor.
Put my daughter at complete ease & her confidence grew very quickly. Passed on her 1st attempt.
Highly recommend!"
Nieve's mum 

Alice passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour semi-intensive course.

1st Time Pass. I have just passed my driving test first time with Darren in under 27 hours. He was a brilliant instructor and made one feel at ease in the car immediately. His schedule fit easily around my busy school timetable and I am immensely grateful to him for all his help and support throughout my learning. His great humour and positive attitude really made being behind the wheel a breeze. I now look forward to many happy driving experiences thanks to him!

Vicky passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour semi-intensive course.


1st time pass
Thank you to Darren for helping me to pass first time! He was calm and put me at ease as I was nervous. Made everything very clear and I felt very prepared when it came to the test and passed with only two minors. Huge thanks! :-)
Amy G 

adam Took MY SEMI Intensive course

Number 58 to pass 1st time!

It's those kind of numbers that let you know you're with a safe pair of hands. Learning with Darren has been the best experience from the 1st lesson through to passing 1st time today with flying colours. My wife also has passed 1st time with Darren yesterday!

Darren's method of reassuring for those with a nervous disposition and communication of his knowledge driving is second to none. I would recommend the Drive Automatic School to anyone. Thanks again Darren, it's been a pleasure.

Adam Cronin

Adam passed 1st time, only 4 minor faults. He's now looking forward toPass Plus