​Five stars!!! I took my driving lessons with Darren and I passed my driving test first time! I would highly recommend Darren to all my friends and family. I found Darren to be very patient and professional at all times. I'd like to thank him for all his help and support, for giving me all the knowledge and confidence that I needed.


Jack passed 1st time after only 10 hours.

Darren was a fantastic teacher who always did his best to help and always remained very calm and considerate during lessons and helped me build confidence in a very short space of time. I passed first time in a very short space of time due to hard work and Darren's excellent teaching

Katie passed after my 15 hour intensive course.


Samira who passed with just 4 minors.

Samira Aly


I had my 1st lesson today and Darren has already surpassed what my previous instructor couldn't in 20 lessons. Looking forward to my intensive course.
Adam Cronin

Nervous learner passed 1st time with Darren Austin Instructor and teacher of safe driving. Highly recommended!! 

Passed with just four minors.

Simon Haylor

I would absolutely recommend Darren to anyone learning to drive for the very first time, or doing a refresher course. He is an excellent, friendly instructor who builds your confidence and provides you with essential skills for safe driving. Thanks, Darren!

Krisitin Sowry

Darren is a great instructor. As a mature learner, I was feeling very anxious but Darren made me feel relaxed from the very start. I decided to go for an intensive course over 4 days. Darren ensured that I covered everything necessary and focused on areas where I needed more practice. I felt well prepared for my test and really appreciated Darren's encouragement, which gave me the confidence I needed going in to the test. I passed first time with only 2 minors. Thank you Darren.

Satpal ​

Here's Lauren enjoying her refresher lesson. She's now eager to take a Pass Plus Course.


Darren made me feel relaxed and confident, he gave me the skills I needed not only to pass my test but also to prepare me for driving afterwards. I'm looking forward to doing my pass plus with Darren soon!

Kay Norris

other happy customers

Kirsty passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour Intensive course.

​Would recommend 100%- Darren was a brilliant teacher, I was nervous and had been putting off driving for years but glad that I went with him, he put me at ease everytime I was nervous or thought I couldn't do something. His learning technique worked so well for me and after 25 hours of lessons I passed 1st time!! The intensive course is definitely the best option as you get through so much more. It was great learning to drive whilst being able to have a laugh with your instructor which made it all less terrifying!


Anisa passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour Intensive course.

​Thank you so much, Darren! Gave me the confidence that I needed! Had 3 instructors in the past but none of them was even nearly as good as Darren Austin! I would definitely recommend him to everyone and anyone who wants to drive automatic. I am usually a bunch of nerves when driving, never had a confidence in myself or thought I'd ever-ever pass. Darren believed in me, put me at ease, had fun while teaching, gave me the knowledge and skills I needed, boosted my confidence, he is very friendly and nice. I passed thanks to his techniques and his patience, can't describe how happy I am with the whole experience!


Mrs T Passed 1st time with just 4 minor faults after taking my 15 Intensive Course.

​​I recommend everyone that is or isn't experienced to come to Darren, he is amazing;friendly and made my experience very comfortable i passed after an 15 hours intensive course with him. taught me well and helped analyse issues/habits that i had, thanks every so much. Regards.

Mrs T


Darren Austin is a fantastic instructor. He is so patient and calm and put me at ease from the very first lesson. I was so anxious about driving but Darren gave me the confidence I needed. Today I passed my test 1st time with only 1 minor. I would recommend him to anyone but particularly those who are nervous! Thank you Darren.


Amal got her UK licence after only 2.5hrs training. And only 8 minor faults.


Darren is a very good and patient instructor. He makes the lessons so easy and fun. If you are looking to pass your Automatic test; Darren is sure the way.


I decided to take some lessons with experienced and qualified instructor Darren Austin. He helped me to understand what the examiners look for. We practised quite much and that helped me to be confident for the exam. During the lessons he explains stuff in a way that it is easy to understand them. I would advice this instructor to anyone. I would like to say thank you to him for his help.

Levan Eristavi

Darren is a well experienced trainer. Over and above the essential skills that any good driver must be trained to, Darren trains you on the extra tips those would make your driving style more safe and your practical test more enjoyable. Thank you Darren.

Tarek Green

Darren is an excellent instructor. His professional and friendly approach puts you at ease and helps you to achieve your best. I would definitely recommend him for refresher lessons and for Pass Plus!


Darren is a very good instructor. He explains everything very well and makes it easy to understand. He is friendly,patient and easy to get along with. It was easy and fun learning with him as an instructor. His constant reassurance helped me with gaining the confidence in driving. I would recommend him to anyone with absolutely no hesitation'

Jagannath Krishnan

I would thoroughly  recommend Darren if you're looking for automatic driving lessons. After having some bad lessons with several other instructors, I found Darren's methods refreshingly different and easy to understand. I passed my test quickly and first time!

See you in Friday for the pass plus!


I would thoroughly recommend Darren for anyone looking to learn to drive. He very quickly gave me confidence in my driving. He was always careful not to cram too many different things into one lesson so this meant I finished every lesson feeling like I had made a big step forwards. Darren helped me pass my test first time and with just a handful of minors.

Emma Stoner


I've had loads of passes and tons of happy customers, here are just a few satisfied new and refreshed drivers.. 

Great Driving instructor!!!

Darren is a great instructor, makes lessons fun yet is also very careful and firm when needed, and he makes it very easy to grasp concepts (I thought roundabouts were daunting but he’s helped me overcome that fear!) He’s also very easygoing and really helped me out when I was extremely nervous, especially before the test - I passed first time with only one minor! Would definitely recommend him, he’s all you want in an instructor!"


Lauren passed at Tolworth Test centre after taking my semi intensive course.

Darren is the best!!
Passed after a 2 week crash course with Darren first time! Having let years pass without any lessons Darren really helped to build my confidence and I learnt to actually enjoy driving! He is by far the best driving instructor I have ever had and when I booked too many lessons which he felt I didn't need he refunded me the money I had paid upfront. I would and have already recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you for being patient and having a sense of humour to get me on the road!

Niha passed 1st time yesterday with only 4 minor faults.
Thanks for the great Yell review and thanks for taking my 40 hour intensive course.

"First time pass!!!
Darren provided me with the skills and knowledge to pass my practical test first time with confidence. His sound knowledge of the test areas and what the driving examiners are looking for gave me the best chance of passing. He is very thorough and from experience he knows all the places where people can get caught out and helps you avoid making any costly errors. His strict but friendly approach prevented me from picking up any bad habits and made the experience enjoyable. If you want to pass and be an excellent driver I Highly recommend him!"
Niha xx

Angie passed 1st time pass at Isleworth test centre after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

"Learn from Darren if you want to pass your driving test! Having failed twice in my previous driving test with another instructor, you can imagine how stressful it is going to be driving on the road and and going for the 3rd test.

The first time I met Darren I was told to cancel my test which was happening in 3 days time and to rebook one. I wasn't happy but I respect the decision that I wasn't ready. So I went on an intensive course with him over three weekends before my 3rd test and passed with four minors!

Thanks Darren, for your patience, your sense of humour and "recipes" on how to be a safe driver on the road. I would strongly recommended Automatic Driving to anyone who wants to pass the practical test with confidence".
Angie N

Fami passed with just 3 minors

"Darren is an excellent instructor and very kind human being. He is very encouraging, builds up confidence and makes you lough loads which is great to bring down nerves. I had a fantastic time while learning driving with Darren, he made me feel at ease and was always looking forward for every lesson. Previously I had other two instructors, one of them absolutely inpatient, he would often yell at me which made me feel so miserable! The other one used to let me down by cancelling lessons for endless weeks! But at last I found Darren and it was like a god sent! He taught me how to drive both smoothly and safely, and never ever showed any signs of aggression whatsoever, he had the patience of a saint! I passed with just 3 minors, I am ever so happy to be able to drive on the road camly thanks to all the skills I have learnt from his lessons".

Mark passed with zero faults after my 15 hour intensive course.

1st attempt!! 100% Pass!! it doesn't get better than that!!!
Did the intensive driving course with Darren and got 100% pass with no fails..... He's an excellent instructor, had a great time learning road craft with him. He arranged his course to my busy work schedule, rearranging lessons at the last minute when I messed up my plans. Couldn't have been more helpful. Had a great fun time.... he knows his stuff.... the lessons flew by. He also put me through a mock test with another instructor just a bit sad its ended now.
highly recommend and 1st class instruction.


Susan passed 1st time after my 45 hour semi-intensive course.

​Thanks 🙂.​

Borzena passed with Drive Automatic School and is now looking forward to Pass Plus.

Daren is an excellent instructor. I was extremely nervous when I first started my lessons but Daren made me realise that passing my test was possible. He is friendly and happy to go over things until you get it. I will recommend Daren to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Darren is a brilliant instructor. Very good at organising lessons around my work schedule. Passed today with 3 minors. Thanks Darren.


Passed first time - A+
Having not had a trial lesson with Darren first, I was a little concerned about committing to an intensive driving course with him. But all my concerns were put to rest just after the first 2 hours of driving.

Darren is a very experienced, professional, friendly and confidence boosting driving instructor and he not only taught me enough to clear my driving test in the first attempt but also taught me things which would help me even after I have passed my test.
Highly recommended! Thank you so much for all the help and patience Darren. I could not be happier with the result.

Heena S

Mark passed with just 5 minors.


Laura passed after taking my 30 hour Intensive Course.


Jo passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour intensive course.



I'm a so pleased I found Darren , I had a horrible instructor previously where I had around 7 lessons but I was beginning to dread my lessons and didn't feel like I was getting anywhere, luckily I decided to look for a new instructor and came across Darren, he taught me more in one 1 hours lesson than the other guy did in 7 possibly more! I'm actually looking forward to my next lesson. I would definitely recommend anyone who is not happy with their instructor to try Darren it makes a massive difference!

Elizabeth passed after my 3 Day Intensive Course with only 2 minor faults! (Sorry about the blurry picture!!!).

"Darren has been a fantastic mentor to me! His calm and approachable persona has allowed me to finally get over the finish line and pass! So I would advise anyone looking for an instructor to definitely go with Darren because you can't get a better instructor who would make you feel as comfortable and positive as he can! Thank you so much for everything and I will take on board what I learned from you and make sure to put it into my real driving."


I was very nervous before I started my first lesson as id never driven a car before but Darren is a great teacher. He's very friendly and made my lessons fun. He definitely knows his stuff and made me feel more confident. I passed first time with only 1 minor and had only had 23 hours of lessons. Fantastic guy and would definitely recommend.


Anouska passed 1st time.

Having tried out a few different instructors, I called Darren in a bit of a panic - my theory test was due to expire in just under a month, and I was desperate to learn to drive by then! Darren's method of teaching was completely different to any other instructor that I had tried. He was a lovely person to work with and he made the lessons very enjoyable. He was always encouraging me and really built up my confidence, which meant that I felt strangely calm throughout my test (I'm normally a very stressy person, which often makes me perform worse under test conditions). He set out a clear plan of what he was going to teach me each lesson, which really helped to get me on track to pass in such a short amount of time. The mock test that he organised for me a week before my test was an invaluable experience - it highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and gave me things to focus on during my test. I honestly couldn't have passed my test so quickly without his help - my only regret is that he wasn't the first instructor that I found!


Darren is a great teacher, I truly enjoyed my lessons and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.  Thank you. 

Mari Juk.

Judith passed first time!

Highly recommended. I whole heartedly recommend Darren as a driving instructor. He found the right balance between letting me gain confidence by repetition and teaching new scenarios and manoeuvres. I passed my test first time with only 2 minors yesterday. He’s great at the banter in the car keeping a relaxed atmosphere while getting through what needs to be covered, and is highly knowledgeable in what is needed to become confident, stay safe and to pass the test. Just be sure to watch the line, not the kerb! 
Thanks Darren – I’ll be out in the tank of a car tomorrow. Best wishes, Judith 


Highly recommended!
After over a decade of avoiding learning to drive, I finally took the plunge and could not have been happier that Darren was my instructor. Darren made learning easy to understand and if I ever made a mistake, he corrected it without making me lose my confidence. I was so nervous before starting lessons, and if anyone else, who is reading this, is too, I'd say give Darren a chance and you'll be amazed how comfortable you will feel on the road. Thanks Darren for helping me get my licence!

Reece passed at Ashford test centre with just 4 minors.


Uzma passed 1st time!

Best instructor ever ! He can make you pass the test like a breeze.

The difference between other instructors and Darren is apparent from my first lesson.

Darren spends every minute monitoring you , correcting you and making sure that you know what is wrong ? why is it wrong? and how to correct it. I learned so much in my first lesson that it amazed me. And from that point onward, Darren made sure that I am confident and safe driver.

He is a nice chatty friend but make one mistake and Darren can turn into strict teacher. He is very gentle , organised teacher . His style of teaching , his way of understanding his students weak points and focus on them is amazing. He draw sketches of different road situations and explains what to do in different scenarios. I found that so helpful as I had those papers afterwards to go through them. Darren is committed teacher who genuinely wants his students to pass, I passed first time with him at Ashford test centre !

I actually enjoy driving now . If Darren can turn me into a confident driver he can teach anyone.


I can’t recommend Darren enough! I found Darren after digging online to find a local automatic instructor for my partner to learn to drive with.

We choose a 30 hour course and payed using Darren’s interest free payment plan, after completing most of her lessons and mock test that Darren also arranged as part of the course with another instructor Darren said she was ready. In short my partner passed first time with Darren after just 2 weeks and 3 days and Darren refunded back a fair amount of the course because she didn’t use the lessons and Darren gave her the confidence to believe in herself!

I can’t thank Darren enough and honestly couldn’t recommend him enough!! If you want to get on the road fast and cost affectively then go with Darren you will not be disappointed!!

Thanks again Darren!

Thanks Darren!!! Very patient, friendly, peacefull, experienced instructor. Massive Thank You for Your hard work. Kind Regards

Maribeth passed 1st time after a 30 hours block-booking. Thanks for the fantastic review.

"Highly recommended. Unfortunately Darren is my 5th driving instructor. But I am not upset. With Darrens Kindness and Patience he taught me what I needed to pass my test.

I highly recommend Darren to teach you to drive.
Thank you Darren"

Louis passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi-intensive course.


It is true. PASSED first time 4 minors. He helped a lot on getting my confidence on the road and was relaxed during test. Lots of good advices for the future when I would be driving on my own. He went beyond his schedule just to make sure I would well prepared for the test. Thank you.
Mrs C

Neil passed 1st time, with only 4 minor faults at Ashford test centre

Great instruction, clear and calm while delivering what you need to succeed. I never previously enjoyed driving, but Darren made it way easier. if you want to pass your test, book him.

Ilona passed 1st time after my 20 hour intensive course.

Passed my test from the first attempt today. I had 2 instructors before Darren but none of them were helpful in me progressing with my driving. He is very calm and very patient instructor. If you are nervous beginner he is your best choice. Great teaching technique mixed with great sense of humour. His makes driving lessons fun

Marna passed with just 3 minor faults after taking my 15 hour intensive course.

"Darren was a great instructor. I did an intensive course and he was able to build my confidence up very quickly. He was very flexible with the course times and I felt that he was really focussed on helping me pass my test. Overall I would recommend Darren as a driving instructor, he is genuinely a nice and honest guy"


Krishna Passed, with just 5 minor faults, after my 15 hour Intensive Course

Darren was a fantastic instructor. He helped me a lot in correcting mistakes especially in lane changes and mirrors... I passed first time with him. He was wonderful and I am really thankful to him.


Taylor passed with just 3 minor faults.

Thanks a lot for helping me pass the driving practical test, you are a very nice, reliable and conscientious driving instructor. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends who are struggling in their driving tests.

Ming Sun

Thank you. It was a wonderful experience to learn to drive with you. I gained valuable hands on knowledge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Darren to a friend.
Anna Milon

Christie passed 1st time with just 4 minor faults.


Nada passed at Ashford test centre. She's now looking forward to Pass Plus.

Thank you very much Darren. Me too it's been really a pleasure for me learning from such a skilled instructor who helped me get my licence. Thank you very much for your training and patience. Can't thank you enough. Will keep in touch inshallah :)"


Anuja passed at Ashford test centre with only 3 minor faults.

Hey thanks Darren. A big thanks to you for encouraging me and also for being patient.


As an older and very nervous driver, Darren really put me at ease, was incredibly patient with me and explained everything in a calm way. He really gave me the confidence I needed to finally take my test at the ripe old age of 30. I passed first time and I'm sure my husband will too, who is also taking the intensive course with Darren. I highly recommend him.

Lauren Cronin

Lauren passed 1st time, only 5 minor faults. she's now looking forward to Pass Plus

Narista passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

KJ passed at Ashford test centre with only 4 minors.


Mimi passed first time after taking my 30 hour semi-intensive course.


Excellent. Very good instructor, I found his teaching very easy to learn as I struggle with learning but his way was easy to pick up. Today I passed first time all thanks to Darren. 

Andrew passed 1st time with zero minor faults after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.


Kalyca passed 1st time at Ashford test centre.


James passed first time after my 25 hour intensive.



Excellent- can’t recommend highly enough!
I passed my driving test nine years ago and have always been a very nervous driver. I tried numerous driving instructors, refresher courses over the years and nothing seemed to work- I was still too scared to get in a car by myself. However, after just 4hrs of refresher lessons with Darren, I am driving everywhere!
Darren tailors the lessons to you, for example teaching you on routes that you will commonly go assesses weaknesses and concentrates on them whilst having a very calming disposition.
I can’t recommend highly enough especially if you're a nervous driver like myself.

Fiona passed with only 6 minor faults after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

I had put off learning to drive for years as I was nervous and did not truly believe I could do it. Yet two and a half months later I passed. Darren was thorough and gave me the confidence and belief that I could do this. He is friendly and happy to go over things until you get it. I would certainly recommend him.


Sim passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour Intensive Course

"I loved having Darren as an instructor, he was very good at explaining everything clearly and did it through driving rather than diagrams and pictures. He let me drive for the whole time each lesson which meant that each lesson was worth my while! Passed first time with only two minors and I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without Darren! Thanks again, would definitely recommend to anyone in the Ashford area".

Burcu, happy with her UK licence, passed with just 4 minor faults.


Darren is an amazing instructor, he makes the lessons fun and challenging. He teaches a high standard of driving with lots of practical tips and is also chatty and funny. I am doing refresher lessons and he took the time to find out exactly what skills I wanted to focus on. I would definitely recommend Darren to anyone looking to do Pass Plus or refresher lessons.
​Amy Casell

I had previous instructors before, and have always been a very anxious driver, but after having Darren teach me he not only made me feel at ease, but gave me confidence in myself, enough so that I not only passed theory first time, but passed my practical first time with 3 minors. He was extremely reliable and punctual, and was an Instructor I could depend on to go above and beyond to get me the pass I needed. Throughout the learning process Iv been pregnant, which has made me extremely hormonal, but Darren dealt with my mood swings and kept me focused on what I needed to do. I would recommend him to anyone. He can (clearly) work with a diverse range of people, (if he could deal with me lol!), and is probably the best instructor you could pick if your hoping to pass! I'm not only a full driver now but a confident one and that's thanks to him! 
P.s he has got a great sense of humour and a warm personality so I not only learnt but enjoyed it as well!

Georgina passed 1st time pass after taking my 35 hour Semi-Intensive course.

"Thank you Darren! Brilliant driving instructor with organised, simple lessons, perfecting each technique more and more each day.

The notes and drawings after each lesson really help to reflect on what you have learnt to remember for next time. Fantastic level of service! I had aimed to pass before Christmas and after 4 weeks of lessons I have passed my driving practical test first time Yayy!! I would recommend Drive Automatic School with Darren to any future learners!"

First time pass!
Darren was a really great driving instructor - he was encouraging, positive, with expert knowledge of the area, making learning how to drive for the first time such an enjoyable experience!
His teaching style is relaxed and well organised, with a goal to turn you into a safe, competent and confident driver, and he corrects any mistakes in a gentle manner with a good sense of humour.
I passed first time today with only a handful of minors and I would *very* highly recommend him to anyone who is hoping to get their license as soon as possible! Thank you Darren!

Kash passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course.

​Excellent instructor, technically very sound which makes learning safe, easy and hassle free.  


Jedi Master of all Driving Instructors.

Darren is an amazing and brilliant instructor. Having numerous instructors before, I can surely tell you that Darren is the only instructor that can give you unique techniques in driving that help you pass the driving test with flying colours. He makes your lessons fun and exciting! So what are you waiting for? Book your lessons with Darrren!!! I have passed my test with only 1 minor fault. Thank you so much Master Darren!

Best instructor. Darren is an amazing instructor I’ve been looking for instructors before but I couldn’t find someone like Darren, he’s an angel for me he knows how to teach,and be patience and the most important thing he cares about you ,he gives you courage and confident you need I felt nervous about my driving but Darren made me feel that I was always the best and I shouldn’t give up ,he gave me security he’s adorable,he understand you .thanks to him I have my driving license. My experience with him was fantastic I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM IF U NEED AN INSTRUCTOR.
all the best god bless


Melissa passed 1st time.


Anum passed 1st time after taking my 30 hour intensive.



Darren is a fantastic driving instructor, he taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience and helped me to become a safe confident driver. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone, he is helpful, patient and calm. He makes learning to drive much more fun and less stressful. Trust him, he is a JEDI MASTER!!! and you will succeed.

Sunita Passed 1st time after my 45 hour intensive course.


دارين معلم سيارات محترف.  يعرف ما يبحث عنه الممتحن ليمكنك من اجتياز الامتحان بسهولة.

Via Google Translate

"Darren teacher professional automotive . Knows what the examiner is looking for you to pass the exam easily."


I spent 6 hours of training only with Darren, I passed my test the first time. He's a really good instructor as well as a great friend.
Abdul (Abdelrahman Elmagdoub)


I contacted Darren last summer and got a 40hr course booked for September but hadn’t passed my theory test.. so he had made a deal with me that I cannot refuse! He’s fab and he’s amazing at helping u build your confidence..! I only managed to do 30hrs but got some cash back! He’s funny and calm..! He’s worth it if u want to pass! Thank you Darren! 🚗❤️
Tashaa Ward

Robert passed 1st time with just 3 minors.

​​"Cheers mate, thank you for everything".


Yunning passed after my 25 hour block-booking.

"Thank you Darren for your help!! I've passed your contact to one of my Chinese friends who is looking to learn to drive an automatic. Thank you".

Sarah passed at Isleworth test centre with just 2 minors.

The instructor who never gave up.
Hi! I had 2 crash courses, one I started In March and didn't pass and one in October - altogether about 50 hours which I didn't need if I focused enough. The second time around with Darren I did 20 hours and I'm not the best with remembering stuff, I tend to over think stuff and complicated everything! Darren has the patience of a saint and will show you simplicity beyond comprehension...... He been makes it fun with his little people models and road markings! I think other driving instructors would of killed me but he didn't give up and sometimes treated everyday like a new day. If you're scared Darren will make you feel at ease and comfortable and that's the key thing, formality fails when you have nerves, please book with Darren and you will feel at home when driving. Thanks for putting up with me!! By the way I passed with 2 minors :-) Sarah xx

Michael passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

"1st time Pass
I've just passed my driving test first time with Darren, after only two weeks. We fitted the 25 hours in to a two week period and this was incredibly helpful. The way he was able to respond to my needs and focus on specific elements was great for building my confidence. I hated driving before working with Darren and really was not looking forward to the course.

The way he was able to help me build my understanding of putting the theory of driving in to practice was incredibly helpful, I felt at ease from our first session and I'd thoroughly recommend him to others.

Thank you so much. This will be life changing for my family. I really hated driving before last week too. This has made the world of difference."


Charlotte passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour Intensive Course .


Masaki passed with just 1 minor fault and is now considering Pass Plus

I'm one year visitor from Japan living in Egham and have hoped to get a driving licence in UK. In spite of my poor English, It took about just one month to get my driving licence after I called him for the first time. Unfortunately I've failed my first practical test because of one careless fault with 5 minor, but successfully passed with 1 minor in the second challenge. As a whole he is a perfect instructor for me. He knows everything technically you should know to pass the test and he is patient and kind enough. Additionally, he is a so much delightful person. I'm extremely grateful to him for all the efforts he did for me. I wish you will enjoy his lesson as a successful pupil.

Joanna passed 1st time after taking my Semi Intensive Course

I would like to say I was very impressed with your knowledge and enormous experience on every lesson we had, it gives me a lot confidence and shows how professional you are, it's not only on things you are praising a pupils but also you are very honest to tell and point out weak side of the person, well judgment and motivations I was offered by you are priceless, and must say it's hard to find someone trust worthy and committed as much as you were in the past few week. I'm very grateful for your help, I know without you I wouldn't success. Thank you.

Darren is an excellent instructor . I have passed the exam with only 7 hours. Honest and trustworthy. Well done Darren.

Asha (who passed first time and is now considering Pass Plus).

It felt great to pass my driving test with the help of my excellent instructor Darren Austin.

Clayton Moorhouse.

Darren is a very professional driving instructor. Top man who makes one feel at ease from the first lesson. If you are looking to pass then he is your man. He corrects one at the right moment and knows exactly what the examiner's look for. He works with one to make them full of confidence. He is not out to get your money but he thrives on making his pupils pass. Highly recommended.


Currently doing my lessons with Darren after a 7 year gap from driving. I didn't have that much confidence to start after having a break from driving for so long. But after a few lessons my confidence is building back up and I'm enjoying it ten times more than the first time those 7 years ago. I believe that is all down to Darren. Darren is a great instructor who is both patient and understanding with a great sense of humour. Would highly recommend.

Katy passed 1st time after taking my Semi Intensive course.

​I passed my test 1st time today with Darren. I was extremely nervous when I first started my lessons but Darren coached me through the nerves and made me realise that passing my test was possible. He is a perfect instructor for nervous drivers. Without his friendly manner, constant encouragement and perfect driving tips I wouldn't have passed. Thanks for everything are highly recommended..


Darren has been truly a great instructor...He is very calm & reassuring which makes things much easier! Im an experienced driver but I was a bit nervous as I never drove in the UK before. It took a few lessons to overcome my stress & feel confident on driving..In short, the lessons with Darren were really enjoyable & I was able to get my UK driving lesson after just a few lessons! If you're a nervous driver, I honestly think Darren will be a great choice for you!


Met Darren after 3 other instructors. Nice knowledgeable guy. Will tell you exactly what needs to be done. Encourages you, believes in you and if you don't do it correctly will push in the right way to get it done correctly. The best instructor I have had and trust me I’ve had 4 in all. If you want to pass 1st time come to Darren no kidding. 


I only had lessons with Darren for around 2 and a half weeks, very good instructor! And first time pass! Thank you so much Darren!!

Emma enjoying Pass Plus


It happened. Passed 2nd Time, after my nerves took hold the first. Would recommend Darren especially if you're a very visual learner as I am.

Super pleased especially to do it all in 2 weeks (minus the silly 10 day wait between tests).

I'm now off to get some insurance and start getting on the road!

Thanks Darren!

Sade passed 1st time after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Thank you so much for your unflinching love and support and for being so professional in making me a UK driver!

I am so grateful that l have been under your instruction.

It's 😁😊 been an absolute pleasure meeting you."

Oksanna passed with just 3 minors.

Fantastic and extremely patient instructor.

I've been trying to get driving license for over 10 years, I've had a few different instructors however every time something was making me gave up the dream of having a driving license.

However when I met Darren for the first time for my trial lesson I knew this time I will be most definitely getting my license and I was so right. Darren is great instructor, easy to get along with, super patient and makes you believe in yourself. I have passed my practical test and so greatful to Darren for everything he's done to getting me to a pass with just 3 minors!!

If you looking for an instructor, don't look any further.....

Thank you .... Thank you!!!!
You've been great and managed to get me to a pass!!! Thank you so much again Darren, it's been a pleasure!!

Abigail passed after taking my 40 intensive course.

"Passed 2nd time. I have just passed my test 2nd time round as not a very confident driver. But Darren made me feel comfortable and at ease. Was very nervous the 1st time but new what was to b expected the second time round and only two minors. Darren was great at fitting my lessons in as i do shift work and the prices are good as you can get deals. Would highly recommend. Really pleased thank you darren for the laughs couldnt have done it without you".

I passed with 1 minor!!! All thanks to Darren!

Before learning with Darren, I had a very bad experience with a previous instructor. So I decided to move and found Darren's details. Best decision I made!

Since learning with Darren, I gained so much more knowledge and experience with him. He was extremely patient with me and gave me all the information and guidance a student could need and ask for.

He's very friendly and doesn't mind you asking a lot of questions.

He's punctual and easy to learn with. So if you're looking for an instructor to help/guide you and who is friendly, I would highly recommend Automatic Driving Shool with Darren. 

Thank you so much for all your teaching Darren!!
Laura C

Highly recommended, passed first time!
After not getting along with manual driving my first time around, Darren helped me to get back into the swing of things and made me very comfortable learning in an automatic. There was no pressure and Darren made me feel confident in my driving and with his guidance, I passed first time just before Christmas, a great Xmas pressie! Thank you.

Ju Me passed 1st time.

"If you are desperate like me, go for Darren!!

My background :
Previously 3 fails at Chertsey test centre, took more than 40 hours driving lesson with four different instructors, my theory certificate was due to be expired in Dec 2018 (my practical test was due on 25th Oct 2018). I was so desperate to pass my driving test this year.

At the beginning my confidence level was literally zero because my previous failures and lacking of understanding what my weaknesses were. Those instructors I met in the past did not corrected me or addressed me what my problems were when I made mistakes.

On day one with Darren, I learned way more skills than from those past 40 lessons. He corrected me and addressed my problems with precise guide. It only took me about 30hrs lesson to pass with 1 minor fault. I was very sceptical whether I can pass the test this time round because the test centre was in Ashfor. But Darren assured me that I can do it and have DVLA standards at all times. I can tell you now if you're desperate like me, Go for Darren!

I won't be able to pass if I didn't meet you at last. Thank you so much Darren". 👍
Ju Mee 

Great experience! I barely had touched the steering wheel before I started lessons with Darren, throughout the whole time Darren has given me all the encouragements and make myself feel confident in the driving. Hes very professional and hes such a nice instructor!

Hiba passed after my semi-intensive course


Svetlana passed 1st time after taking my 15 hour intensive course.


It was indeed my wise decision to take lessons from Darren,lucky me:) It was my first time driving and Darren is perfect,he builds up your confidence and make you believe in your self..all topics are covered in a flow...its just becomes natural to you when you drive..
His teaching methods are outstanding,he can simply read your mind and teach you on the Go,allows you to do mistakes and makes sure you dont do them again..Amazing..
Thank You respected Guru:)
see you soon for pass plus..

I would like to say a big thank you to Darren! I passed my driving test and I'm absolutely delighted with my instructor! Darren is very professional. He helped me to build my confidence up and corrected my mistakes in a friendly manner. If you need a professional driving instructor, look no further. Darren will help you to pass your test!


Thank you, I practiced on what we spoke about after my lessons and passed first time with only 3 minors.

Darren is an around nice guy with a very calming manner. Has taken me from no car experience to a first time pass in a block of 15 lessons. The later stages involving a mock test followed by ironing out areas of concern has proven to be very successful. Fully recommended an instructor with the perfect qualities and a well structured programme that led to passing my test.
Steve Henson 

Passed my test today, yippee !!!
Darren, You are a great driving instructor, I could not have done it without you.
I will recommend you to all my friends looking to drive.
Thank you for your encouragement and professionalism in teaching me great drivings skills.
Many Thanks
Monika ;-)))"

Darren has been a brilliant instructor who has helped me pass my test in roughly 19 hours of lessons. He is friendly reliable and put me at ease and built my confidence up on the road. I would really recommend Going with drive automatic. All round great driving experience.

Darren is one of the best Driving instructors in the UK that I have come across. Darren understands his pupils individual needs and address them with his indigenous methodology of teaching. He is one of those instructors who is not only highly skilled in teaching driving but also has the right courage and competency to take a novice on busy road, roundabouts and challenging traffic situations. Darren stays very focused on his pupils individual learning curve and works with them with great patience, and in a very cool and calm manner. It was only Darren's training that I have passed my driving exam in first attempt with only 3 minors. I highly recommend Darren as your number one choice not only to pass the driving test but to be a good driver for the rest of your life.

Arvind Kamble

I would thoroughly  recommend Darren if you're looking for automatic driving lessons. After having some bad lessons with several other instructors, I found Darren's methods refreshingly different and easy to understand. I passed my test quickly and first time!

See you in Friday for the pass plus!


Nieve passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour semi-intensive course.

"Fantastic Instructor!
Darren is an excellent instructor.
Put my daughter at complete ease & her confidence grew very quickly. Passed on her 1st attempt.
Highly recommend!"
Nieve's mum 

Peter passed 1st time after my 40 hour Intensive Course.

​Having had some lessons and a semi intensive course on a manual car before I had lost my confidence in taking driving lessons and was very nervous on the road. Darren is a very calm; professional and reassuring instructor and from the lessons that I had over a month and a half time meant that I had my confidence back with driving; so much so that I passed my test first time with only two minor faults. If you are unsure of something or you do something wrong; Darren will take the time to go over it and assist you in correcting the fault. Darren is a very competent instructor who teaches in a very calm, structured and understanding way so that you understand the practical driving against the theory. Would definitely recommend Darren to anybody that is looking to take Automatic driving lessons


Ankita passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"5 star. Superb techniques and excellent teaching method. Managed to pass first time with just 3 minors. Very helpful and very encouraging. I would recommend Darren for sure. A big thank you for all your support Darren". 

Fantastic instructor

Darren is a brilliant instructor,i have had few instructors before but his teaching is simple and easy to understand ,fabulous simple techniques that made things simple,he is reassuring and very encouraging

i would highly recommend him,Darren i just want to say a massive thank you for getting me through my test today this means the world to me.

Charlie passed 1st time with just 3 minors after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.


Laura passed 1st time after my 35 hour intensive course.

Fantastic! Darren was a great help, easy going! Very supportive and always gave clear instructions and the reasons why, I passed first time with only 2 minors. 5 hours that were not needed we're refunded back straightaway.


Rohit  passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour semi intensive course.

Paulina passed 1st time pass with only 3 minor faults after
choosing my 20 hours
Intensive course 

I hadn't driven in a while and I am from Mexico, but needed to learn to drive in the UK, on the other side of the road, with new rules. Darren was great and helped me to understand how to drive in the UK. He was always patient and happy to correct mistakes until I felt confident. Plus great sense of humor !

Anna Took my 25 hour intensive course  and passed 1st time with only 4 minor faults. 

"After countless lessons in a manual car and failing a number of tests, I decided to change to an automatic car. A friend of mine recommended Darren's drive automatic school. Darren is a great instructor. He had faith in me right from the beginning He always said I would pass when I absolutely had no confidence or faith in myself. I did a 25 hour intensive with Darren. he corrected all my faults and bad driving habits I had developed over the years. I passed my test first time with Darren and am over the moon. Thank you Darren, for being a fantastic instructor, a positive influence and for having faith in me. I highly recommend the intensive course with Darren"

Just recently passed my test, been with Darren for little over 3 months and have found that his teaching methods are fantastic and is the main reason why I had passed so quickly. I had been with 3 different people and had none of the freedom I had to drive than I did with Darren. Perfect instructor if you want to pass your test first time.


Darren is an amazing instructor. He is very friendly and built my confidence on the road. He really knows what he is doing and can get the best out of you.



Currently having lessons with Darren and very happy with the progress. Darren is very good, patient instructor and gives his best to help his pupils. Feel confident driver now and looking forward to pass my test soon!

Having had experience with other instructors as well, I can confidently say Darren is the best. Most friendly car with so many markers for students to perform manoeuvres easily. Darren is a very friendly instructor and he knows how to boost confidence in his students. Honestly, he is one of those few who has got passion towards work .

Sailaja Jonnavithula

Darren is a really good instructor who at first assess my skills and knowledge on driving very well. He teaches in a systematic way , he is very friendly and it helps as you feel comfortable learning . It is also an extra bonus with his hilarious jokes that actually makes driving interesting and fun. He was very supportive and patient with me and the one thing that made the difference of me passing the first time with Darren is the fact that he always projects  a positive attitude .he encourages me and is confident in my driving skills, if i make mistakes he made sure I learn from it by trying harder and I think that passing the driving test really makes a difference if you have a great instructor who believes in you. Thanks


Ann Margarette.

Superb instructor, highly recommended. Darren is hands down the best instructor I’ve had (I’ve had 3 others before). I’m a nervous driver, an overthinker and I doubt my abilities all of the time and pretty much thought that maybe I’m just not supposed to drive. Darren gave me lots of reassurance, he put up with all my moaning (which was a lot of the time to be fair haha!) and helped me learn from my mistakes. He easily identified the areas that needed improvements and today, I passed my test in Ashford with 3 driving faults!! Although I’m over the moon, I’m genuinely a bit sad that our lessons are over! I would highly recommend so go for it - you’ll be passed in no time :)
Ann Marie

Outstanding Instructor! Iv had a few driving instructors before Darren, but I can honestly say he was by far the best out of them all. I have always struggled with nerves but Darren really does build your confidence up and makes you feel comfortable. I passed today with only two minors and a bundle of confidence! All thanks to Darren's guildance and support. I cannot thank him enough but I will definitely be recommending him to all my friends and family. Thank you so Darren, you are amazing and I wish you all the best!!

Nader passed first time with 1 minor!

"Darren is a top Instructor

I came to Darren with minimal confidence in myself and ability. I had arranged for an intensive course over 9days. Darren was excellent at making me feel comfortable and focusing on improving my various weaknesses. I’m not sure how he did it, but he really hammered home best practice and my pass today came with only one minor fault. I can’t reccomend Darren highly enough. He is punctual and professional and I’m glad I ended up getting touch. My confidence right now is sky high thanks to him."

Gemma passed after my 45 hour semi-intensive course.

First time pass... with a first class instructor
I recommend Darren to everyone. 

Such a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic teaching methods. I found darren after previously having a not so good instructor so was apprehensive and very nervous. Darren soon turned that around and made me feel at ease. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Darren and I will be recommending him to friends and family without a doubt. I passed first time today and was very confident. Thanks darren. You are a star x ,Strongly recommend Darren to anyone who wants to learn to drive automatic quickly and safely! 

Such a relaxed atmosphere and teaching methods. 
I found darren after having a previous instructor that wasn't great so I was very nervous and apprehensive. However darren soon made me feel very comfortable and had me pass with confidence. I will be recommending him to family and friends for sure. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Darren and can happily say... I passed first time!!! Thanks darren!!

Vicky passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour semi-intensive course.


Karolina passed with just 3 minors.

"Thank you Darren!

Darren is very good, very professional but also very friendly instructor.

He explained everything very clearly and he is very patient, he made me feel very confident about my driving.

I passed my test today with 3 minors.
I'm so happy.

Darren is the best, and I would definitely recommend his driving school to anyone who wants to pass their test.

Thank you Darren!"


Amina passed at Ashford test centre in her own car.

"I passed Darren! Thanks so much! I was about to do a picture but I was crying and my make up is everywhere. Thank you for all your help and support. I can't believe it!"

I finally passed my test today and it all came down to having a great instructor like Darren. He always put me at ease, explained things well, helped me to build my confidence up and had the best sense of humour. Thank you for your help Darren and finally at the age of 30 helping me get my licence. I'm glad I came across your website when I was looking for an instructor. Would highly recommend! :) 

Laura passed 1st time after taking my 20 hour intensive course.

I have had a 20 hour intensive course with Darren and passed first time today! I highly recommend Darren as an instructor, he is friendly, honest, patient and a great teacher. As a nervous driver he has really helped me to boost my confidence behind the wheel. Thank you so much for all your help, see you soon for pass plus!
Laura Pepper 

Demi on passed 1st time at Ashford test centre with just 2 minor faults, after only only 12 hours.

"Darren made me feel relaxed and comfortable driving straight away , he has a good learning technique and I'm so happy I passed my automatic driving test first time with only 2 minors !! Really nice man ... Definately recommended ... Thanks Darren"

Rani Passed 1st time at Ashford test centre with only 4 minor faults.

I just passed my test first time with only four minors! From not being able to steer a car only three months ago, I would not have believed that Darren would manage to get me to test level so soon. He has a refreshing technique of teaching driving as a visual skill which puts the learner at ease. He is also very patient but has always pushed me to go out of my comfort zone in each lesson. The lessons have been good fun and he has a sense of humour which comes in handy when you're practising the same roundabout for the fifth time :-) Thanks again Darren. I will definitely be recommending you to others.

Number 58 to pass 1st time!

It's those kind of numbers that let you know you're with a safe pair of hands. Learning with Darren has been the best experience from the 1st lesson through to passing 1st time today with flying colours. My wife also has passed 1st time with Darren yesterday!

Darren's method of reassuring for those with a nervous disposition and communication of his knowledge driving is second to none. I would recommend the Drive Automatic School to anyone. Thanks again Darren, it's been a pleasure.

Adam Cronin

Jack pleased with his pass after taking my Intensive Course.


Stephanie passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course.

"Thank you so much Darren I passed first time today I was nervous to begin with didn’t really have the confidence two but with Darren he helped me out so much he makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed I highly recommend him I enjoyed our chats very funny man very easy to get on with thank you for every think you have done for me."
Stephanie Anna Louisee 

Zoe passed 1st time at Ashford test centre only 2 minor faults after taking my 30 hour semi-intensive course.


Carleen passed 1st time after taking my semi-intensive course.

Darren I'm so grateful to you. Thank you so much. I cant quite believe it. It's been a real pleasure to know you. Thanks again. 🤟😁🎉

Nikky passed 1st time after taking my20 hour intensive course

Best instructor
First of all I want thank you Darren for patience and morale boosting and for having faith in my driving.I passed my test today with just four minors, in my first attempt with him,(my previous attempts were unsuccessful with other driving school) Darren is the best instructor in town,if I can pass anybody can pass under his guidance
😊.Darren your techniques of driving what you have taught me I will remember rest of my are the best!👍Thank you once again for being my instructor. Cheers Nikky


Natasha passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Recommend Darren! He's brilliant.., funny, fab and helps you build your confidence!" 😁

Fantastic Instructor - 1st time Pass after 25 Hour intensive course
Before contacting Darren my experience of driving, from a previous instructor ,was extremely negative and my confidence in my ability was non-existent.

My fears were immediately put to rest during my first lesson with Darren however, who allowed me to take it at a pace that I was comfortable with until my confidence returned. He recommended that I do a 25 hour intensive course after a couple of lessons and he had every faith (and encouragement) that I would pass 1st time…. Which to my amazement, I did!

I couldn’t recommend Darren Austin highly enough, lovely bloke with a fresh approach to teaching.    

Natalie passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour Intensive Course.



​I have​ been doing my lessons for a couple of months now, and i have my test booked in 2 weeks. I was very anxious about driving when i started, but Darren has been amazing and has helped me build my confidence on the road. His teaching methods are great, He is always friendly an calm and remains professional throughout my lessons. I highly recommend him to any one wishing to learn automatic.


Eileen Passed With Just 3 Minor Faults!

I would recommend Darren to anyone looking to pass their text Darren is a great patient instructor ,during the lessons he explains stuff in a way that it is easy to understand , I would recommend this instructed Darren to anyone looking to pass their test I would like to thank Darren very much for all his help.

Charlie passed 1st time with 1 minor fault.

Passed my test first time with only 1 minor and it's all down to Darren he is a great instructor and couldn't have asked more of him would and will recommend him to anyone great job mate.


In a short period of time Darren make me pass with him in first go, he is amazing instructor, who understand pupil's need in very first lesson. Not only he is best in his field, he is a wonderful lovely personality as well. very kind, gentle and friendly too.
I wish I could give him 10 *s. I will recommend him for those pupils who are nervous like me, DON'T GIVE UP -- JOIN - DARREN: DRIVE - AUTOMATIC.


Thank you for all your patience and humour and getting my driving there in 3.5 days! You are a very good instructor and glad I was able to keep your first time pass rate stats up :)
Mrs Taylor

Elena passed with just 4 minors.


Tanya passed 1st time with only 3 minors.

Best driving instructor around!

Passed my test yesterday with only 3 minor faults after only 15 hours of lessons with Darren. I'd had a few lessons years ago with other instructors, and despite the fact I loved driving I hated my lessons with them - until I met Darren, that is. He's really friendly and puts you at ease quickly, helping you build confidence. He will tell you straight away when you make mistakes, but then tells you what to do next time and not to dwell on the errors too much, just to focus on getting it right and becoming the best driver you can be.

I would highly recommend Darren to everyone, but especially so if you are nervous or have had negative experiences with other instructors in the past - choose to have lessons with him and you won't regret it, because you'll pass your test in no time. Thanks for everything, Darren! :)

Stella passed at Ashford test centre.


Charmain passed 1ST TIME at Ashford test centre with only 3 minor faults after taking my 25 hour Intensive course.

Darren is a fantastic instructor! Really greatest explaining things and helping to teach! Just brill!


Alice passed 1st time after taking my 25 hour semi-intensive course.

1st Time Pass. I have just passed my driving test first time with Darren in under 27 hours. He was a brilliant instructor and made one feel at ease in the car immediately. His schedule fit easily around my busy school timetable and I am immensely grateful to him for all his help and support throughout my learning. His great humour and positive attitude really made being behind the wheel a breeze. I now look forward to many happy driving experiences thanks to him!


Mike passed 1st time with 0 faults.

"All the best I'll recommend you anyday"


Jamie passed 1st time at Chertsey test centre with only 2 minor faults after taking my 20 hour intensive course.



Priya, happy with her UK Licence. Shes's now looking forward to completing Pass Plus.


Thanks Darren. Have a great day. Will really miss driving with you. You are such a great instructor! Will be recommending you to everyone!!!!

Tia passed with just 4 minors.


Best instructor I’ve ever had!
Darren believed in me and instilled confidence when I was a nervous wreck. I just passed with two minors and I honestly never thought I’d get here! I’ve had multiple instructors before but Darren outshines all of them!

He’s accomodating and has a technique for everything so it’s easy to learn and put the rules of the road into perspective. He’s very calm in all situations and his energy is infectious so the atmosphere is always relaxed and if you’re anything like me, you’ll need

Thanks again Darren!!!
Alex M

Rebecca passed after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.


Jodi passed after taking my 35 hour intensive course.

Pass first time. I passed my test first time with zero faults. Which I'm over the moon with. I was really nervous before I started my lessons with Darren after being involved in a very bad motor accident. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything clearly. I would definitely recommend.

If you want to pass choose Darren!
Darren thank you for boosting my confidence and putting my nerves to ease and helping me sail through my test! Enjoyed every lesson unlike my previous instructor. Your calm approach helped in my progress to achieve only 4 minors in my test.
Thanks Darren you have been a great instructor and the best I have had :)



Professional and reassuring instructor. I have just started lessons with Darren and have already started to become a much more confident driver. He is very flexible with times I want lessons and always on time. Explains manoeuvres in a simple way which is very easy to understand and is a very reassuring instructor. Overall I would highly recommend having lessons with Darren.

A great find. I always had a mild fear of learning to driving and had put off this challenge for way too long . After a somewhat intimidating furst lesson from a different driving instructor i decided to try learning automatic n I am glad I found Darren . He is really professional but at the same time very calm and assuring which is very important for nervous learners as my self . Looking forward to passing my test very soon some thing I did not imagine I'd say earlier .

Highly recommend. Just had my first lesson on the intense course with Darren he has helped my confidence grow, was very patient and makes you feel completely at ease....excited for more lessons

Superb teacher! Darren is an amazing teacher! After having some bad experiences with previous instructors I was anxious about driving and never thought I'd get on the road. Darren's calm and encouraging manner has really built my confidence and I look forward to our lessons. He explains everything in a straight forward way and is extremely patient when I ask questions, make mistakes or panic on a roundabout! I'd have no hesitation in recommending him, especially if you are a nervous driver.

Outstanding instructor. I finally passed my test today after almost ten years of trying to learn to drive. It is something I never thought I would achieve and probably wouldn't have were it not for Darren's lessons. Darren is the ideal instructor for anyone, but particularly for those who are nervous or have had bad experiences in the past. He is extremely patient and stays calm in every situation, which is great for building confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Darren to anyone- if he can get me to pass then he can do anything!

Alan passed 1st time!

"Superb driving instructor
Darren is a fantastic instructor. He helps you feel relaxed and confident and always gives feedback in a constructive way that constantly improves your driving. Cannot recommend him enough; passed first time!"

Madeline passed 1st time with only 2 minor faults after taking my 

40hrs Semi Intensive course.

I would recommend Darren’s automatic teaching. He is one of the best in Surrey. He is a first class teacher. I was very nervous but he was able to put me at ease and I got through my test successfully. He teaches one to one and explains the basics in a clear manner. He is very kind and patient and teaches in a friendly atmosphere. He makes you feel at ease when you feel nervous by making a joke. I would recommend you go to him before anyone else because you can trust him. Go to Darren before anyone else as you’ll have the best chance of passing.

Avinash passed 1st time after only 10 hours, at Tolworth test centre with only 1 minor fault!​

"Darren is an excellent instructor. He not only provides the standard lesson content but goes to great lengths to provide useful tips for the test which proved most helpful. His ability to encourage and build confidence was a definite plus and played a major role in getting through the test. I highly recommend Darren"


Sedi passed with just 7 minor faults and is now looking forward to Pass Plus.

Darren is an amazing instructor. He is very calm and friendly. With his method of teaching you will love driving and love to have more lessons with him. He helped me to increase my awareness and mirrors on the road. He really knows what he is doing and can get the best out of you. I highly recommend you and all my friends and family. I passed with Darren fist time. looking forward to go for Pass Plus with him. 



I have driven with other instructors in the past and have failed my exam twice unfortunately. Others didn't prepare me much for exam when Darren was absolutely different. It took me lots of self work plus his amazing experience. I took all of his advices and passed immediately with 4 minor mistakes. Thank you and I recommend him as excellent driver for future students! 

Jay passed at Isleworth test centre


Sorina passed 1st time after my 40 hour semi-intensive course

"Best instructor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I passed my test first time after doing the lessons with Darren, he is the best instructor I could have wished for , he is very positive and patiend and explaines to you everything properly . I highly recomend him !!!! Thank you Darren!"

Marc passed after my 35 hour intensive course.

2 Week Intensive Course - Passed First Time!

I booked a 2 week intensive driving course with Darren and fortunately passed my test a few weeks ago. My first attempt with Darren as my driving instructor! He remained really calm throughout all lessons, even when I made errors. In addition, when I made errors, he took the time to talk these through with me and ensure that I understood what had happened so I could avoid repeating them in the future. This made it far easier and more enjoyable to learn with him. Particularly as I had tried to learn under two driving instructors previously, whom had shouted and not been supportive of me trying to learn. I am going on to do pass plus lessons with Darren and would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Marc M

Thanks Darren

Can't thank Darren enough for helping me pass my test. I recently moved from India and never drove car before. He extremely helpful and patient, he definitely helped to boost my confidence in driving. Would definitely recommend him !

Sally passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour semi-intensive.

Top man 😊
Well what can i say today i passed my practical driving test 1st time with only 2 minors !! and thats all thanks to darren so thankyou darren you made me at ease and believed in me and gave me my confidence back will.miss you top guy top instructer get booking people

Darren has A gift for teaching, He really helped me build my confidence and has great communication skills in explaining anything you have difficulty with. I can honestly say I have always felt safe under his instruction and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to book a intensive course. I will be booking my partners intensive course with him as I know she will be in more than capable hands!

Birsen passed 1st time at Ashford test centre.

"Thank you very much Darren you are a very Good instructor, thank you for all of the couragment and for all the compliments, but most of all thank you for helping me pass this test..."



I am currently taking lessons with Darren and he is a very good instructor!! Darren goes through everything with you so you understand completely what to do and how to do it. His friendly and approachable personality makes learning fun. He has also helped me build my confidence on the road. I would definitely and have recommended Darren!

Ricky passed first time. 
"Would recommend
Helped me pass in at the first attempt, really patient, professional, funny, easy to get along with instructor."

Anu passed with just 2 minors!

​Amazing Instructor. I passed today with two minors. Darren is an outstanding instructor. He makes you feel relaxed and takes the time to make sure you understand not only what to do but why. His patience and understanding really helped me with my nerves and it was a pleasure to be his student. If you have had a bad experience with a previous instructor, are nervous or a first time learner, there is no one better person to get you from learner to driver!!! I would recommend him to anyone!!! Thank you so much Darren!!!

Thank you so much for your patience and all your great knowledge. I did this thanks to you. Thank you so much Darren. You are the best !!!😀

Lauren passed 1st time after choosing my 35 hour intensive course.

"Amazing driving instructor. I would reccomend Darren to anyone and everyone who wants to pass their driving test!! I have been trying to take my test for four years now and after a week with Darren I had the confidence and the skills to pass my test with only 6 minors and even the tester said that was down to nerves!
Thank you so much Darren!!"
Lauren C

Anna Maria passed with just 3 minors.

​Outstanding teacher ! He makes you feel comfortable and gives you so much confidence, I'm so glad I had Darren as a teacher he had so much belive in me and pushed me to be the best driver I can be . He takes his time with you and will go over it till you understand thank you Darren for being amazing going to miss my lessons with you such great driving teacher ! Anna Maria

Anna Maria

Sam passed 1st time after just 33 hours!

​"Superb Instructor.
Darren is a great instructor enabling me to pass first time. He taught everything in a simple to learn manner and with patience if I ever made mistakes. Strongly recommended".

Yoshiko passed 1st time with only 6 minor faults after my 20 hour intensive course!

I had passed my driving test in Japan 17 years ago but hardly ever drove after passing. I came to live in the UK 10 years ago but didn't swap my licence in time so had to take a UK test. I hoped to pass my theory test by Christmas and practical by spring. Darren said pass your theory test soon and you will get you licence before Christmas, I didn't believe him but he was right. I found Darren to be a very good instructor, he was patient, made sure I understood things. He was funny & chatty but was strict when he had to be. I would recommend Darren to anyone who wants to pass their driving test.


Passed his UK test with only 4 minors


Mrs Patel passed 1st time after taking my semi-intensive course.

I appreciate all your hard work you have put behind my wife's success. I thank you for that .Once again thank you.
Mr Patel (Husband) 

First time pass. Darren is a very good instructor with an easy tactics for a learner.He taught me from scratch to first time passer. I would recommend Darren to all those who has a doubt about their ability. Total professional approach from start to end of my term.
Mrs Patel

Michelle passed 1st time after my 50 hour semi-intensive

"Thank you.Thanks for being an awesome instructor, for all your patience and for making me believe I could do it 😀. Absolutely Awesome. Darren is an awesome instructor. I passed 1st time. So much patience, no harsh words, always constructive feedback. He made me believe in my own abilities. 

He made me laugh with his food analogies (all the funnier as I hate cooking😂). He made me feel totally at ease.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone. A lovely, kind human being.

Colleen passed 1st time after my 35 hour semi intensive course

"You want to pass contact Darren.

Amazing instructor Darren gives you the confidence to do amazing he is a Jedi master you will succeed."


Help me passed my test. Darren is a very good driving instructor he also made me believe that I am able to drive well and pass the exam. I had no confidence at all and was very anxious, Darren helped me a lot to raise my confidence in regards to driving and also dealing with stress on the exam day.

He is easy going and quite relaxed and have good sense of humor. I enjoyed my lessons with him. Overall highly recommended.

Thanks Darren.

James passed 1st time after my 25 hour Intensive Course

​Darren is a reliable, clear , calm and patient driving instructor . He has a great personality and sense of humor, he is very easy to get along with. He made me feel at ease and gave me the knowledge and confidence to believe i could pass my test , which i did with flying colors! I would recommend anyone who is interested in lessons to choose Darren because he has the knowledge , experience and character to prepare you in the best way possible for your driving test!


Albert 1st time at Chertsey test centre with only 3 minor faults.

Great Instructor
I passed first time, thanks to Darren. He is an excellent instructor, I truly enjoyed my lessons with him and would recommend him to anyone. 
Thank you.

Great work from you Darren. Thank you so much for everything you have done you have succeeded where others have failed my son miserably. Top man 👍
Stephen (Ross's Dad)

Fantastic instructor, highly recommend!
Darren is a great driving instructor, he is very calm and made me feel at ease from the start. I passed first time with 2 minors and this is because of how easy Darren made it to learn all the things i needed to pass. I had 2 previous instructors that didn't have any of the qualities Darren has to make you feel confident and relaxed when driving. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to pass there test first time. Thanks again Darren.

1st time pass
Thank you to Darren for helping me to pass first time! He was calm and put me at ease as I was nervous. Made everything very clear and I felt very prepared when it came to the test and passed with only two minors. Huge thanks! :-)

PERFECT FIRST TIME PASS! With ZERO minor faults after taking my 25 hour intensive course

"Darren is an amazing driving instructor and I loved every minute of my lessons with him. After having 5 different instructors in the past and never feeling comfortable I can finally say with Darren I passed 1st with 0 minors today!! Thank you so much. Such an awesome guy! Would highly recommend!"

Passed First Time! Highly Recommended!

As a new driver, I had never been behind the wheel of a car before and I was very nervous about driving and taking the test. Darren, is such a lovely man and you really do feel like you are driving with a friend. With his guidance, I was able to pass first time in less than 3 weeks.

Darren also has an expert knowledge of the area and how the test works. If you are at all worried or nervous about driving or taking your test, please don't be as you will be in safe hands.

Thank you Darren for all your help!!

Passed first time today with only a few weeks worth of lessons, I would 100% recommend Darren to anyone wanting to pass their test!! Darren gave me the confidence and knowledge i needed and having had two instructors in the past he made learning enjoyable again!!! 5 * all round, thank you so much Darren!!! I'll be back for pass plus soon!!!


Awesome instructor
Darren was really good, really easy to talk to and has really good techniques! Always gave really clear instructions and calmed my nerves. 

If you are a nervous driver Darren is the bloke to go with, he makes you feel confident and capable of driving.

This enabled me to pass first time with only two minors!
Thank you Darren! I will recommend you to everybody! 


Charlie passed 1st time after my 30 hour semi-intensive course.

"Thanks for everything"

Mustafa passed with just 4 minors!

"Excellent Driving Instructor but also an Amazing Coach. I think if Darren can help me pass my driving test successfully he can help any one.

As some one who had suffered severe anxiety when it came to driving, it was very reassuring to have an instructor like Darren who had the patience and most importantly understanding of anxiety that I experienced .

I think he is more than just a skilled driving instructor as he is also an exceptional coach who is personally invested in his students success and trains them not just with the skills needed to drive but also helps with the confidence and mindset to drive confidently and pass the exam , which some times is crucial for learners like me suffering from driving anxiety . For me the belief that I can never drive or pass driving test was a self fulfilling prophecy for many years , which Darren successfully helped me over come with a successful pass. Thank You Darren!"

Vera passed 1st time at Ashford test centre after taking my 30 hour intensive course.

"Great instructor.

I was so lucky to choose Darren Austin as my driving instructor it's the best decision after spending loads of money with other instructors. I would recommend Darren to everyone who is looking for an automatic driving instructor. He just helps you to understand things and explains very clearly what you need to do and why.

I liked the way he taught me to parallel park perfectly with 2 moves.

I advise everyone to go with Darren and they will be the ones writing a review like mine.

Darren Austin thank you very much for your patience and putting all your trust in me and giving me confidence.

From Vera a very satisfied customer."

Passed today with just 4 minor faults.

Thank you Darren for not giving up on me.

Your teaching techniques are very good, your practical examples and stories made me remember everything that you are teaching, your crazy mantras and sense of humour always make me laugh, but most of all your patience really controlled my nerves.

You have made possible what I thought was impossible.

Thanks again and see you soon for my Pass Plus


Nervous driver passed 1st time
I came to Darren after getting no where with my previous instructor, my confidence and Knowledge were both low. Darren has a fun and relaxing method of teaching, everything started to click into place and the Constant positive feedback with gentle humorous corrective coaching helped me pass first time. I couldn’t recommend him enough and I’m so pleased I found him.

Sana passed 1st time after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"I’ve passed!
Darren is a super teacher, friendly and incisive and I am so grateful to him. I managed to complete the course and pass the test in 3 weeks! Amazing. I would strongly recommend Drive Automatic School."

Wen Wen passed with just 3 minors

The Best Instructor in the area
Darren is a fantastic instructor. I passed my test with him very recently. I would say he is the best in the area! I have never driven before and I passed with him in about 2 months time. His course is well planed and structured. He taught me through every single problem that I had, very patiently spent time explaining to me, and kept practicing it till it is tackled. He is the person not only to help you pass, more importantly, to teach you the right attitude to be a driver. I would have no hesitation of recommending him to my family or friends.
Wen Wen

Alison Fetherston recommends Drive Automatic School.
I cannot recommend Darren highly enough. My first lesson was on 24th April and I passed my test on 24th May. I was an extremely nervous pupil after a few bad experiences with other instructors. Darren is part driving instructor/part life coach/part anxiety guru. He has a way of making you feel at ease with driving and teaches in a very visual way. He ended most lessons by drawing pictures of things we had covered and often took out a toy car to demonstrate! The course was very intensive and quite emotional at times - there were a few tears and lots of laughs. Ultimately Darren is a committed teacher and wants the very best for his pupils, hence his excellent pass rate.
Thanks again for everything Darren 🙂

Rhiannon Passed With Just 1 Minor.

Would highly recommend to anyone. Never thought i would pass in a million years! Been a long journey learning to drive for me! Darren gave me the confidence and techniques i needed to be able to pass my test! Got 1 minor with my first attempt! Many thanks Darren for getting me through this chapter of my life!


Passed 1st time
Darren is a very patient and encouraging instructor. As a very nervous driver, he helped me become a lot more confident and pass my test first time!

Val passed 1st time after ny 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Thrilled To Bits!
I passed first time, thank to Darren, a very experienced and highly skilled instructor. Very penitent and nice, he makes lessons fun, so you do not feel terrified and anxious. I did not believe in myself but he re-assured me that I have all the skillset to drive, just needed to be more confident. We have covered everything we needed and practised regularly in order to make sure I gain my confidence, and it has paid off, I passed first time. Can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Darren!"

Nervous learner amazing instructor.Passed my driving test today after years of wanting to. Darren is amazing and made me feel so confident and safe in my driving. I would highly recommend him.
Mrs Simpkins

Frankie passed 1st time at Tolworth test centre after taking my 25 hour intensive course.


Thank you very much. I wouldn't have passed without your help. Thanks a lot. Talk to you soon regarding the motorway lesson.
Thanks again.

Absolutely amazing instructor! I passed first time today with only two minors! Darren is the best! Couldn't recommend enough! Patient ,kind, and a great teacher!"

Jade passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour intensive course.

Amazing instructor!! Darren is very professional but also fun to learn with. I passed first time with Darren and I thank him so much for his hard work and time he put in for me. Would 100% recommend! =D"

Mrs P passed 1st time with just 2 minors.

"Thank you! Huge Thanks to Darren for helping me pass my driving test from my first attempt! Darren is an excellent instructor, he helped me build my confidence and great driving skills, I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks again!"

Mrs P

The Best
So… why did I choose Darren at Drive Automatic? I started lessons years ago in a manual car, with a large driving school and just found manual wasn’t for me and I wasn’t getting anywhere doing 1-2 hours a week with a large driving school as I felt I was one of too many pupils so I gave up. A few years later I decided to try lessons in an automatic car, again the odd lesson here and there wasn’t getting me far and I failed my test miserably (stopped half was through) and I thought I had been put off for life.

Until I started seeing reviews pop up on Facebook for Darren at Drive Automatic and wondered if I should give it another go. I contacted him and he told me I could only book a semi intense course with him (best thing I ever did).

Darren gave me a list of available dates and times, I picked the ones I wanted, paid & waited to start my lessons on the 23rd August 2018 (20 x 2-hour lessons)

We had to start from scratch and Darren was so patient start to finish. Every lesson was very relaxed and didn’t really feel a lesson! I liked knowing we had a date to work towards as Darren encouraged me to book my test more or less as soon as we started the lessons. Although I wasn’t sure I would be ready after 6/7 weeks Darren reassured me he had a very high pass rate and almost promised me I would PASS!! It was a totally different approach to what I had experienced before and this is what kept me going this time!!

So, 2 weeks leading up to my test the nerves kicked in (Darren told me he had never seen nerves like mine before, id suffered all my life and wondered how id ever get through a driving test). I explained to Darren I was worried about the test coming up so he arraigned a mock test for me with another driving instructor, I failed this due to nerves but it gave me an insight to what was expected of me on test day! Darren booked me another mock, I failed again but I was slightly calmer and I achieved a better result! Soooo Darren booked MOCK NUMBER 3! This time I was calm and I PASSED IT with only 3 minors!!!

I was now mentally ready to pass my REAL TEST!!! And I did 57 days after my fist lesson with Darren!!! In just 57 days id managed to order my provisional, pass my theory test and pass my practical test!!! With only 3 minors I had PASSED, finally after 14 LONG YEARS id PASSED all because id found DRIVE AUTOMATIC on Facebook!!!

So if you want to lean to drive, but your nervous, or your lacking confidence, Darren is the man for you!! And believe me (talking from lots of experience) SEMI INTENSE COURSES are the best way to learn to drive I just wish id found Darren 14 years ago!!!!
Thanks for putting up with me Darren!

Mia passed 1st time after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.


Ms D passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course.

Ms D

Aashna passed with only 3 minors after taking my 35 hour Semi-Intensive course.

"Amazing instructor! Darrren was amazing as an instructor. I have instructors before who were quite discouraging and made me feel nervous about my driving but Darren went through it all step by step with me and helped me feel veery confident. He's comforting if you get something wrong and helps you improve till you feel like you can drive really well. Had such a great experience with him, would definitely recommend him if you are looking for an instructor."


Amazing would highly recommend! Darren is an amazing driving instructor and has really helped raise my confidence after having several different instructors over the years. He has been really helpful and understanding and I would defiantly recommend. Just a top bloke all around :)

Abby passed after taking my intensive course.


Mahe passed 1st time after my 35 hour semi-intensive course.

"Pass in fast time. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Darren. 
Darren is an excellent instructor He always encouraging and supportive. Constantly pushing me to become better and safe driver. 
His 🔴🔵⚪DOT⚪🔵🔴 technique worked marvellous on my driving and give me more confident that's why I pass my driving test in fast time. If you want to pass your driving test quick and fest time I would honestly recommend Darren !!!"

Ha passed with just 5 minors.

​Thank you for your outstanding teaching techniques. You are master, I will review and recommend to all of my friends, very happy now.


With no previous driving experience Laura passed 1st time, with only 3 minor faults, at Ashford test centre after taking my 45 hour intensive course. An amazing achievement!

"With no driving experience I passed first time in only a week of lessons! Darren is a patient and excellent instructor. His teaching methods enable you to pick up manoeuvres quickly and drive safely. I would highly recommend Darren if you wish to learn drive".

Automatic Intensive and Semi-Intensive & Block Booked Courses in selected KT & TW Areas.CALL OR TEXT 07766017915

Best Instructor. I want thank you Darren for his patience, and for having faith in my driving.I passed my test today with just two minors. Darren is the best instructor in town.
Ones again thanks allot :)
M Wais

Allan passed 1st time at Ashford test centre. after taking my 25 hour intensive course.

Passed 1st time with only 3 minor faults

I got in touch with Darren after having gone through a stream of other driving schools and instructors coupled with my usual half-hearted attempt to learn to drive. This might have been the typical one hour lesson each week on a saturday morning or my own lack of self-confidence. I took the 25 hour intensive course with Darren which I now regret not having done earlier. At 48, I was getting to the stage where I was just going to resign myself to simply 'not knowing how to drive'. Not sure how he does it but he has this ability to keep his cool even when you manage to make a complete hash of a manoeuvre. I thoroughly recommend Darren's intensive courses to any person who wishes to drive. Darren is a calm, patient and thoughtful instructor and would put any nervous student at ease. Word of advice, forget all that you have been instructed upon before. Start your course with Darren with a fresh open mind and you will soon have that certificate in your hand!

Sinead passed with only 4 minors! 


Gerlaine passed 1st time.

"Thank you so much !!!
Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test first time !!
You are so good in what you do.
Thanks for believing in me !!
I will recommend to anyone.
Five star customer service.
Thank you !!!"

Rachel passed 1st time!

EXTREMELY nervous driver, passed first time. I'd put off learning to drive for eight years because of my fear of taking the test, but my family finally got sick of giving me lifts and booked me a couple of lessons with Darren... and I'm so glad they did! I had tried to learn once before but after being a shouted at by the instructor I was completely put off. Darren was completely calm at all times, never shouted, never made me feel bad but picked me up on my mistakes in a way that I found constructive - which was great as I don't take criticism well! My nerves were so bad I considered quitting, but whenever I got in the car my nerves went away immediately and I slowly gained the confidence I needed to pass. I asked a LOT of questions which Darren was always happy to answer, and he shaped the later lessons around what I was worried about (e.g. lane changing, three-lane roundabouts). On the day of the test, everything I had learned clicked into place and I passed with only one minor! Thanks Darren for being a great teacher!


Ellie passed 1st time with zero faults.

"Amazing instructor ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Learning to drive with Darren has been amazing. I passed 1st time with no minors! He makes the lessons fun & really helped me believe in myself. He is very patient & provided helpful feedback which enabled me to gain confidence quickly & relax so I could enjoy every lesson. Thank you Darren 😀"

Depu passed 1st time after a 20 hour block-booking.


Tony passed 1st time after my 30 hour intensive course



Patient, calm & positive instructor. Having failed 3 manual tests over a 15 year period I was really dubious about starting lessons again. However I'm so glad I did it. Darren made me feel relaxed, confident & made me laugh in the process. This was the first time I actually enjoyed the lessons rather then dreaded them & the first test that I knew I was ready for (passed with only 3 minors). I'll be booking my Pass Plus with Darren & would highly recommend his tuition to anyone.

Delphine passed with only 2 minor faults after taking my 40 hour semi-intensive course.

"Give your confidence a boost with Darren.
Learning to drive with Darren was life-changing. I had given up on driving 10 years ago when I started my driving lessons in France. I had lost all my confidence due to mean driving instructors and thought I will never touch a car again. But never say never. Darren has been lifting my confidence up in such a way that it has turned my whole life upside down. He has taught me so well that I have passed my test first time and I stopped being a nervous wreck. I am now the happy owner of a car and I am driving confidently everywhere. I drove on the A3 few days after I bought my car and I was not scared! Darren is still the little voice in my head. It was the right time, right place and right instructor for me. I definitely recommend Darren as he is way more than just a driving instructor. He is very professional and patient and I couldnt have asked for more. Good luck to all of you and choose Darren".



Emily passed 1st time with just 4 minors!


Parth passed 1st time.


Amal passed 1st time after taking my 35 hour intensive course.

I can recommend Darren without a second thought.

He always keep you comfortable and confident during lessons. Not only he points out your mistakes that can lead to a test failure, but also makes sure you correct them through repetitions.

The mock test was another eye opener for me, because it clearly revealed where I was weak and simply we just focused on them just before the test. So happy to say that I passed the test with only a single Minor!!!!That too first time! Thanks for Darren's constant reassurance.

Having a very bad experience with previous instructors I almost gave up driving.

Before I met Darren I had lessons with 4 different instructors who made me hate driving and not wanted to drive again . I had no confidence that I’ll be able to drive, and I thought there is no driver instructors to teach me.
I was wrong . God sent me Darren ,best instructor in the country. Darren’s techniques of teaching are by far THE BEST
He is thorough, methodical, calm, patient and he loves what he is doing. Everything Darren’s teaches will be for life.
Darren doesn't teach only how to drive, he teaches how to DRIVE SAFETY. His attention to details, discipline and focus are the best. He makes you enjoying driving .
I enjoyed and loved every minute driving. Worth the money and well deserved.Darren is not just a GREAT INSTRUCTOR, he has a GREAT PERSONALITY too.
Darren thank you with my whole heart for teaching me .If you want to pass driving and drive safety call Darren .

Hayley passed 1st time after taking my 45 hour intensive course.

1st time pass, amazing teacher! I have just passed my test 1st time, I had no previous driving experience, was extremely nervous and am 6 months pregnant so was really unsure how I would do but Darren had me driving on a main road within 45 minutes of my first lesson. I had 45 hours over 2 weeks and he organised a mock test with another examiner which was included in the course price nearer to my actual test which was brilliant as it made me less nervous in my actual test . Darren was so patient and supportive even when I was asking stupid questions, he really is a lovely genuine funny guy and would highly recommend him to anyone.


First time pass
Amazing instructor! Darren made me feel so confident and at ease in every lesson. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Thank you so much for everything!! 😁